Form I News 11th October

11th October 19

Ten, ten, ten, ten……..We love the number 10! Our Maths has been all about the number 10. We have been finding as many different ways of making the number 10 as we can. We played a game using lollipop sticks where we had to take a bunch of 10 lolly sticks each and divide them…

Weekly Nursery News 11th October 2019

11th October 19

On Monday morning we had a very messy ‘Busy Fingers’ trying to write the initial sound of our names in shaving foam, (Literacy and PD). It was good clean fun! In our adult-led activity we began work on our colour topic. Mrs Radgman had lots of different colour paints and we took turns to come…

STEM Club build beam bridges

10th October 19

We have completed our first challenge in STEM club this year. We built beam bridges using K’nex and the rule that triangles are the strongest shape. The skills we learn in STEM club, such as resilience and problem solving, help us in other ways too – not just when building bridges!         …

Form III investigate

7th October 19

Form III have been investigating plants this term. We first looked at pieces of a flower we’d picked from the school garden under a microscope – it was very exciting! Then we used role-play to act out the different parts of a flower. Next we put white flowers into coloured water to see what would…

Reception Weekly News 4th October

4th October 19

Welcome back to Reception’s Weekly News! On Monday, in Literacy we loved rapping along to ‘Kitchen Disco!’ We cut out characters from the story and used our growing phonic knowledge to label them. Lots of us are hearing the beginning, middle and final sounds in words now. We also used single hole punches to make…

Weekly Nursery News 4th October 2019

4th October 19

We began our topic work on ‘Shapes’ this week with a shape hunt around the school. Before going on our search we sang songs about circles, triangles and squares. We learnt the properties of the shapes and then we spotted shapes in the classroom, (Maths). On our hunt we found circle signs, a diamond stained…

Reception Weekly News 27th September

27th September 19

Welcome to another fun week in Reception! We started the week thinking about our topic ‘I am amazing!’ We talked about how we can be healthy by looking after our teeth and bodies. We laughed so much when we heard the story ‘Bathroom Boogie’ and loved cutting out the characters and labelling them with our…

Nursery News 27th September 2019

27th September 19

We began our morning exploring a range of ‘Busy Fingers’ activities to strengthen our hands. We used Inter Star to make models and flowers, we used wooden blocks to make buildings for nursery rhyme characters and we explored the texture of paint with our hands and used toy cars to make tyre prints with paint…

Cricket at Queenswood

26th September 19

On Tuesday 24th September, five Form V girls attended a, ‘Girls in Cricket’, training day at Queenswood school. The day was organised and run by Lydia Greenway, who played for the England Women’s Cricket team for 13 years and was an Ashes and World Cup winner! The girls had a fantastic day learning and honing…

Reception Weekly News 20th September

20th September 19

Welcome to our first Weekly News in Reception on our new St Hilda’s School website! On Monday, we discovered we were learning more about our families. We enjoyed finding out more about the Large Family in ‘Mr Large in Charge.’ We then chose which member of the family we wanted to cut out and tried…

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