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Reception Weekly News 9th July

8th July 21

What a super start to the week  –  Sarah Outen came to visit again. We enjoyed lots of team games together with Form I. In the afternoon, we enjoyed listening to a story about Cody the Cautious Caterpillar, who loved being a caterpillar and was a little worried about changing into a butterfly. We related…

Form 1 Activity Week photos

8th July 21

Sarah Outen teamwork challenges. Walkies Wednesday Summer Beach party Thank you for being Form I Superstars and remember – once a Form I girl, always a Form I girl! Love Mrs J & Mrs M xxxx  

Nursery Website News 5th July 2021

8th July 21

Monday was the start of Activity Week and also our final week together in Nursery. We were excited for all the lovely activities that were planned for the week ahead, but also sad for our final days in Nursery. We enjoyed lots of lovely Busy Finger activities, drawing on the floor and using stencils, playing…

Grafham Water Residential

30th June 21

Form IV had a fantastic time at Grafham Water on our two-night residential trip. We worked on our bravery, encouragement, teamwork and communication. There were so many activities: we did low-ropes, high-ropes, paddle boarding, kayaking, problem-solving and raft-building to names a few. It was so much fun!  

Form III Create Circuits

22nd June 21

We had a lot of fun problem solving in Science today to make a light bulb glow. We learnt about how electrons travel through wires to make the bulb glow and that in some components, the energy only flows one way! We all managed to make our very first circuit – we even made a…

FV Parachutes

12th March 21

We had a lot of fun making parachutes as part of our unit investigating forces and air resistance. The wind may have interfered slightly but with a winning slowest time of 6.25 seconds, who can complain?! Even if one did get temporarily stuck on the building.

Winter Prints

2nd February 21

The children were given a mini project to work on, to do with printmaking. They were asked to create a print of a winter scene, using household objects such as: corks, lolly sticks, scrunched up paper, cotton wool, combs, toothbrushes etc. By following some instructions, a short video and using worked examples on a PowerPoint,…


14th October 20

Form II have been learning about superheroes. We have been writing about them in English and using adjectives to describe them. We have been reading stories about superheroes and looking at story structure. We really enjoyed creating comic strips of a superhero mission and saved the world from ‘Naughty Hamster’! In PSHE, we have been…

From an old girl

4th November 13

Email received from an Old Girl. Hello! I’m an old girl and left St Hilda’s in 1988. I’m just looking through some old photographs, enjoying happy memories and thought I’d share them with you. Over 30 years on, most of us in the class of 1988 remain very firm friends and meet as often as…

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