St Hilda’s Day

23rd November 20

On Tuesday 17th November, we celebrated St Hilda’s Day.  The focus on this day was ‘Outdoor Learning’. In our English lesson, we worked in pairs to solve a SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) challenge.  We had to solve clues based on a variety of topics (including apostrophes, speech punctuation, homophones, nouns, verbs and adjectives) to…

St Hilda’s Day

23rd November 20

On Tuesday 17th November, we celebrated St Hilda’s Day.   In our English lessons, we used the outside environment to help inspire our writing.  We used our senses to help produce examples of personification and pathetic fallacy.  We then applied our understanding to an animation based at Whitby Abbey, which has a close connection to…

W/c 16th November -St Hilda’s Day

20th November 20

This week has seen Form III learning about St Hilda, to help with celebrating, ‘St Hilda’s Day’, which was on Tuesday. The class learnt all about how she helped to build a monastery in Whitby, as well as all about the story of, ‘St Hilda and the snakes’. We created fact sheets about St Hilda’s…

Reception Weekly News 20th November

20th November 20

On Monday, we enjoyed a Puzzle Challenge. We all worked on making puzzles together. What an amazing team we are! In Literacy, we loved finding out why we celebrate Diwali. We enjoyed hearing about Rama, Sita and Lakshman and how Ravana, the Ten-Headed King of all Demons fell in love with Sita and captured her….

Nursery Weekly News 16th November

20th November 20

We welcomed all the boys and girls back to Nursery on Monday morning and began with a lovely Busy Fingers session.  After this Mrs Radgman introduced the new topic for the week of Hibernation.  We listened to a story about a bear who was hibernating and talked through what hibernation means and what happens to…

St Hilda’s Day Form 1

18th November 20

On Tuesday we celebrated St Hilda’s Day. We thought we would take a bit of time out of our busy work-filled day to stop and have a few quite moments. We focused on our breathing to help us feel calm, relaxed, settled and happy. We talked about how sometimes if we are worried, frightened or…

St Hilda’s Day in Form IV

17th November 20

Today, St Hilda’s Day, was spent doing activities for our wellbeing. We looked at the five ways to wellbeing and did a range of activities including having a secret friend; teaching each other skills such as making an origami swan and the ‘Hello Neighbour’ game and painting thumbprint creatures. We had a lot of fun!

W/c 9th November – ‘Three Little Pigs’ story innovations

15th November 20

Form III have been working hard this week, completing their own individual story innovations based on the ‘Three Little Pigs’. The finished stories have ranged from,’The Three Little Mice and The Big Bad Cat’, to , ‘The Three Giant Fish and The Big Bad Whale’! After completing and adding pictures to the story, the girls…

Reception Weekly News 13th November

13th November 20

Welcome back everyone. We hope you managed to see some fireworks at the weekend. On Monday, in Busy Fingers some of us used oil pastels to draw fireworks and wash over using black ink for the dark sky. We also enjoyed cutting and sticking some clothes which we would like to wear in the autumn…

Nursery Weekly News 9th November

13th November 20

Welcome back to Nursery on this autumnal Monday morning! Its lovely to hear all of the news from the children on Monday morning! They love telling us what they have been doing and what their favourite part of the weekend was! We had a lovely long Busy Fingers session involving cutting out leaves and cutting…

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