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Childcare Vouchers

You can use Childcare Vouchers to pay for non-compulsory elements of school fees. Providing certain criteria are met, they can be used to pay for:-

  • Any activity that is not part of a child’s compulsory education
  • Any activity that is out of school hours
  • Any activity that is held on school premises or
  • Any extra-curricular school trips

This means that you can pay for activities such as after-school clubs with Childcare Vouchers.

Childcare Vouchers are an employee benefit available to all eligible working parents. They are tax-free and National Insurance exempt. Both higher and basic rate tax-payers can benefit.

The provider references, pertinent to St. Hilda’s, are:-

ProviderRegistration Number
Edenred (ACCOR)P20515934
KiddiVouchersAL5 2ES
Sodexo SayCare805678
Corporate ChildcareSt. Hilda’s School, Harpenden
Fair CareHILD0314
Kids Unlimited00451824

More information can also be found via the HMRC website http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/childcare.

Childcare Vouchers are provided to employers and employees by many suppliers. St. Hilda’s will happily register as a carer with any of these providers to enable parents to benefit from this tax efficient system.

Registration for both employers, employees and carers is very simple and self-explanatory. If you have any questions with regards to this facility you should contact your employer’s HR department.

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