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Category: Form III

Form III Class Concert

4th March 22

Last week, Form III delighted their parents with their first class concert. There were instruments and singing galore! The girls all introduced their pieces to the audience and did a musical bow at the end. Everybody enjoyed the variety of music and enthusiasm of the children, Well done Form III!

Form III test rock strength

22nd November 21

Today in Science, Form III performed the scratch test on rocks to test for hardness. We are trying to find the best rock to build a statue out of.  

Form III investigate flowers

28th September 21

In Science this week, Form III are investigating how water moves around plants to keep them hydrated. We began by making predictions of how the water might move and where it might go first. Then we decided the equipment we would use and what type of investigation it would be. Each group chose a different…

Forest School

23rd September 21

What a beautiful sunny and warm day Form II and III had at the forest on Wednesday for Forest School. We started our visit with a picnic on the field before Miss Sewell led us into the forest for lots of games and activities.  

Celtic Harmony

22nd September 21

Form III enjoyed a sunny and warm trip to Celtic Harmony on Friday. As they stepped through the gates they were teleported back in time to the Stone Age. During the day they enjoyed a variety of activities from den building to spear throwing practise. There was even time to have a try at trading…

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