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w.c 26.4.21 A visit from a ‘chocolatier’

30th April 21

Form III were very excited to receive a visit from a local ‘chocolatier’ this week. Last term we read ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, and learnt all about ‘Cocoa and the History of Chocolate’ in Humanities, so it made perfect sense to conclude these topics, when we were allowed! The class were able to make…

Form III make skeletons

9th March 21

We have been learning about the body. Today we discovered that if we didn’t have any bones, we’d just be a squishy blob on the floor and that is one of the reasons out skeletons are so important. We went outside and made them using materials from the school field, paying attention to detail around…

W/c 7/12/20 Merry Christmas from Form III

14th December 20

The last week of term saw the class getting ready for Christmas. We completed our, ‘Elf training’, by using our maths skills to solve the punchline to some Christmas jokes, and composed some very imaginative winter poetry, using our knowledge of poetry, which we have been focusing on recently.. The class enjoyed reading, ‘Twas the…

Form III investigate soil permeability

9th December 20

Form III had their first go at using a range of scientific equipment today. We used scales for weighing soil and measuring cylinders for water. We also used funnels, filter paper and beakers. We were trying to find out the best soil for our New Zealand farmer friend, Audra. We discovered that loam is the…

W/c 30.11.20 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

4th December 20

This week has had much more of a Christmas feel. The class’ 3D shape decorations, from last week, have been put up and some have been added to the class tree. The Form III postbox is also starting to fill up with cards for each other. In form time, the class have had the opportunity…

STEM Club build bridges

3rd December 20

As we reach the last week of STEM Club before the Christmas break, we are ready to test out our suspension bridges. We learned that it’s not just about looking the part but also about being strong.  

w/c 23.11.20 – 2D & 3D Shapes

27th November 20

This week, in Maths, our topic has been 2D and 3D shapes. We identified the different names and properties of both types of shapes, and then had a go a creating some examples of our own. Despite the cold weather, we also went on a ‘3D shape hunt’, around the school. As it is approaching…

W/c 9th November – ‘Three Little Pigs’ story innovations

15th November 20

Form III have been working hard this week, completing their own individual story innovations based on the ‘Three Little Pigs’. The finished stories have ranged from,’The Three Little Mice and The Big Bad Cat’, to , ‘The Three Giant Fish and The Big Bad Whale’! After completing and adding pictures to the story, the girls…

Form III’s Three Little Pigs storyboards

9th November 20

Form III have been working on the concept of ‘story innovation’, in the first week of the new half term. The girls have been creating their own storyboards to show an understanding of the story, ‘The Three Little Pigs’. There has been some very impressive artwork, and the next stage will be to ‘innovate’ and…

Celtic Harmony Trip

6th November 20

In the first half term, Form III and IV took advantage of being able to visit Celtic Harmony, Brickendon, in order to take part in a ‘Stone Age Day’. The girls took part in a range of different activities: den building, food making, hunting, gathering and watching a fire making display. The girls all had…

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