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Category: Science

The Solubility of Sugar

3rd February 22

In Form VI Science, we have been investigating how sugar dissolves. Each group chose their own variable: water colour, sugar type, water amount or water temperature. It was really interesting to see how solubility changed (or not!).

Form IV investigate shadows

29th November 21

In Form IV, we are learning about space. We are looking at how shadows change during the day depending on where the sun is in the sky. Thankfully we had some sunshine today to draw around some shadows – we just hope it doesn’t rain before we get to do the next part of our…

Form III test rock strength

22nd November 21

Today in Science, Form III performed the scratch test on rocks to test for hardness. We are trying to find the best rock to build a statue out of.  

Form III investigate flowers

28th September 21

In Science this week, Form III are investigating how water moves around plants to keep them hydrated. We began by making predictions of how the water might move and where it might go first. Then we decided the equipment we would use and what type of investigation it would be. Each group chose a different…

Form I become scientists

27th September 21

Form I are beginning their science journey. They are learning about bones in the body and are using magnifying glasses as part of their careful observation work.  

Form V make saturated salt solutions!

10th September 21

Week One and Form V are already experimenting! We are beginning our unit of work on materials and are investigating how to separate components in mixtures and solutions. Today we began to make salt crystals using a saturated salt solution.

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