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Form IV investigate states of matter

17th March 21

Form IV are learning about materials and states of matter. Today we tried to decide what state of matter shaving foam is and then we made a mystery substance called oobleck! It was a lot of fun, a lot of mess in the Science Lab, but we also did a lot of learning.  

FV Parachutes

12th March 21

We had a lot of fun making parachutes as part of our unit investigating forces and air resistance. The wind may have interfered slightly but with a winning slowest time of 6.25 seconds, who can complain?! Even if one did get temporarily stuck on the building.

Form III make skeletons

9th March 21

We have been learning about the body. Today we discovered that if we didn’t have any bones, we’d just be a squishy blob on the floor and that is one of the reasons out skeletons are so important. We went outside and made them using materials from the school field, paying attention to detail around…

Form III investigate soil permeability

9th December 20

Form III had their first go at using a range of scientific equipment today. We used scales for weighing soil and measuring cylinders for water. We also used funnels, filter paper and beakers. We were trying to find out the best soil for our New Zealand farmer friend, Audra. We discovered that loam is the…

Form V become science presentors

4th December 20

In science, we are really good at presenting out scientific work in written form. We thought we’d have a go at cross-curricular learning and make iMovie videos of an investigation. We still followed our usual rigorous scientific process, but had extra fun filming!  

STEM Club build bridges

3rd December 20

As we reach the last week of STEM Club before the Christmas break, we are ready to test out our suspension bridges. We learned that it’s not just about looking the part but also about being strong.  

Form VI investigate

3rd December 20

There is nothing we like more in science than a hands-on investigation. We have been asked by different shop owners to find out which bag is best for their customers. We’ve learned a lot about the scientific process as well as properties of materials.  

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