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Form IV write Haiku

11th March 20

Today Form IV made the most of the beautiful sunshine and went on a vocabulary hunt outside. We were looking for colours, textures, sounds and smells to inspire our poetry. Sweet, fragrant florals Emerald grass and swaying leaves Melodic laughter


30th January 20

Form IV have been doing a lot of their English work around the story Varmints. Today we split the story into scenes and acted it out in groups.  


29th January 20

During our last week before the Christmas break, Form IV used their knowledge of model aeroplanes from the non-chronological reports they wrote to design and build their own static models.

Form IV study the planets

27th November 19

Form IV have spent the first part of the half term learning about the solar system. They created some posters about a planet of their choice. Here are some of their wonderful creations:

Cereal hoops and multiplication

5th November 19

Today in Form IV we began our work on multiplication using arrays. We used cereal hoops to manipulate and regroup calculations so that we could solve problems mentally, rather than using formal written methods. It was lots of fun!

Hazard Alley

18th September 19

Forms IV and V  spent an interesting and very entertaining day at the Safety Centre, known as Hazard Alley, in Milton Keynes, as part of our PSHCE course.  We learnt about fire safety, road safety and how to stay safe in the kitchen, as well as how to keep safe in a petrol station, at…

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