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Category: Form IV

Forest School

18th May 22

Form IV has a fantastic afternoon at Nomansland for Forest School this afternoon. They enjoyed the warmth while creating self-portraits using materials found in the woodland. We walked around as if it were an art gallery, explaining how we used different materials to achieve our pictures.

Form IV create continuous data

7th February 22

We have been looking at different data sets in Form IV and decided to collect our own continuous data: hops over time! We had to pick one leg and hop for two and half minutes – now our legs are sore! We did create some lovely line graphs from our raw data though.

Form IV Forest School

2nd February 22

Form IV had a fantastic outing at Forest School today. We went on a bird scavenger hunt, created muddy face designs on trees, developed out whittling skills and even made bird feeders! We had a lot of fun and learned so much at the same time.

Multiplying and Measurement

14th January 22

Form IV have been using their knowledge of multiplication and converting units of measurement to join the cards together. It got trickier when there were decimals involved but we solved the problem in the end!  

Form IV Aircraft Construction

13th December 21

In Form IV, we have been watching a short film called Soar by Alyce Tzue. It is about a girl called Mara who, through her resilience and determination, helps a boy called Lucas fly his plane. We used these skills, as well as materials from our recycling, to create our own model aircraft.

Swimming Success

30th November 21

We were delighted to have 4 swimmers who won through the District stages at the ISA London North Gala to swim at the Olympic Pool in Stratford. Our Form V swimmer came second in 50m freestyle and a bronze in the Year 5 relay final.

Form IV investigate shadows

29th November 21

In Form IV, we are learning about space. We are looking at how shadows change during the day depending on where the sun is in the sky. Thankfully we had some sunshine today to draw around some shadows – we just hope it doesn’t rain before we get to do the next part of our…

No Pens Day in Form IV

17th November 21

We had a lot of fun in Form IV on No Pens Day. We used cereal to help us learn about factors in Maths and worked with a partner to identify factors in a game. In English, we used our drama skills and acted out the story we’ve been studying in English. It was a…

Poetry Recital Competition

15th October 21

The 2021 Poetry Recital Competition revealed award-winning performers in our midst and a wealth of poetry. The KS2 finalists rose to the occasion and gave emotional, humourous and thought-provoking recitals to an audience of over fifty children. Congratulations to the overall winner in Form IV whose moving poem and well-rehearsed performance greatly impressed the judges.

Chess Club

11th October 21

Chess Club is always popular with the girls in Forms IV, V and VI. Those who already have some knowledge are enthusiastically teaching any newcomers to the game.

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