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Sarah Outen Visit St Hilda’s

17th June 21

We had an exciting visitor in school this week. Sarah Outen MBE came for the whole day and ran workshops based on teamwork, communication and resilience.   We had a great day and can’t wait to welcome her back another time.

Magical Creatures

26th May 21

To end our unit of work on animals, adaptations and magical creatures, we made salt dough models of magical creatures. These creatures are of our own individual design and we had to use a bit of Maths and Art to make them. After they have finished cooking in the over, we will paint them and…

Form IV investigate states of matter

17th March 21

Form IV are learning about materials and states of matter. Today we tried to decide what state of matter shaving foam is and then we made a mystery substance called oobleck! It was a lot of fun, a lot of mess in the Science Lab, but we also did a lot of learning.  

STEM Club build bridges

3rd December 20

As we reach the last week of STEM Club before the Christmas break, we are ready to test out our suspension bridges. We learned that it’s not just about looking the part but also about being strong.  

Form IV Soar!

26th November 20

We have been writing play scripts for the silent animation, Soar. We had a go at acting them out with a partner. It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to add more details next week.

St Hilda’s Day in Form IV

17th November 20

Today, St Hilda’s Day, was spent doing activities for our wellbeing. We looked at the five ways to wellbeing and did a range of activities including having a secret friend; teaching each other skills such as making an origami swan and the ‘Hello Neighbour’ game and painting thumbprint creatures. We had a lot of fun!

Cheerios and Times Tables

12th November 20

In Form IV, we like to take a hands on approach to Maths. We used cereal hoops to make arrays which help with difficult multiplication. It was a lot of fun!      

Form IV Celtic Harmony

21st September 20

On Wednesday, Form IV had a trip to Celtic Harmony. We lived as if we were in the Stone Age by building dens, hunting a woolly mammoth, grinding herbs for stew and gathering food from the forest. It was a lot of fun!

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