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Form I News 21st June 2019

21st June 19

We have had another fun filled week this week, culminating in Rosie being Headmistress for the day on Friday. Rosie decided that we could all wear non-uniform for a donation to Child Bereavement UK. We were also treated to a packet of Haribo each – thank you Rosie!. Lunchtime brought another treat… Chocolate sponge with…

Form I News 14th June 2019

14th June 19

We are definitely a class of green fingered girls.  We have planted 6 runner bean plants outside the classroom. We are taking it in turns each week to measure each bean plant and are recording our findings on a chart.  This week Bean number 4 grew the most as it was 5 cubes taller than…

Form I News 24th May 2019

24th May 19

After a busy half term we’ve been rather tired this week so we asked Mrs Matthews to do some writing on the board for us instead of doing it ourselves!  Mrs Matthews tried her very best and remembered to use a capital letter, finger spaces, tall and short letters, she spelt tricky words correctly and…

Form I News 17th May 2019

17th May 19

Form I have been busy this term learning about life during the Victorian days.  We have looked at films, images and a variety of artefacts and have been discovering how life was different in the Victorian days. Many people had to grow their own food rather than buy it in a supermarket as we do….

Form I News 15th March

15th March 19

Form I have been busy over the last few weeks creating, painting and learning! Well done girls!

Form I News 15th February

15th February 19

To taste or not to taste? …….That is the question! We decided to put our taste buds to the test by performing a blind taste test. We tried four different tastes and recorded on a table whether we thought each food substance tasted sweet, sour, salty or bitter. The hard bit was that we did…

Form I News 18.01.19

18th January 19

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! We have started to feel a little chilly this week. Not just because of the weather here in England but also due to talking about both the Arctic and the Antarctic. During Geography we looked at a map of the world and found where both Antarctica and the Arctic are. We also discovered that…

Form I news 23rd November

22nd November 18

Are those sleigh bells we can hear? We can’t tell you I’m afraid as for the foreseeable future many of our English / RE lessons will be taking place under a cloud of secrecy. We can however let you know that we have been working very hard and have been applying all our knowledge of…

Form I news 9th November

9th November 18

Remember, remember the 5th of November! We were very excited to come back to school after our half term break especially when we realised that it was bonfire night! During history we re-enacted the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. Luckily for King James I his friend and servant Lord Monteagle discovered a…

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