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Form I Rainforest Sports Day

7th July 20

We had a fabulous time at the inaugural Rainforest Sports Day! Races included The Jaguar Sprint, The Red Eyed Tree Frog Hop, The Creepy Crawly Race and the Victoria Falls Splash! Well done girls you were all brilliant!

Form 1 ‘school trip’!

1st July 20

Due to the pandemic, school trips have been put on hold…. However, Form I have found a way round this! We visited a very special rainforest, complete with animals and birds!

Form I News 13/03/20

13th March 20

Form I have been busy learning all about the Polar Regions of the world. These are found at both the far north and far south points of the globe. In the north is the Arctic and the North Pole and in the south is the Antarctic and the South Pole. We have learnt that penguins…

Form I Geography Field Trip 14/01/20

15th January 20

It was a wet and windy Tuesday afternoon but we spotted a break in the rain, put on our coats, picked up a pencil and a landmarks list each and headed off to explore Harpenden. We had over 16 things that we were hoping to see from a road and houses to people and restaurants. …

Working Together

9th January 20

We have started the year by working together. Forms I and III worked collaboratively in Art on a wall hanging to celebrate our school creed. We all enjoyed the chance to share ideas skills with each other.

Form I News 11th October

11th October 19

Ten, ten, ten, ten……..We love the number 10! Our Maths has been all about the number 10. We have been finding as many different ways of making the number 10 as we can. We played a game using lollipop sticks where we had to take a bunch of 10 lolly sticks each and divide them…

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