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Progress & Reporting


At St Hilda’s, we use assessment data to measure progress as well as to identify strengths and areas to develop across the curriculum.  It is important to note that the School has a wide variety of assessment strategies and no one result is definitive in measuring an individual child’s progress or attainment.

Assessment will look slightly different in each class depending on the age of the children.

From Form I, regular on-going assessments are carried out in class, such as spelling and times tables tests, as well as more formal assessments which take place throughout the year, including:
  • InCAS which provide a reading age, spelling age, mathematical age in both arithmetic and problem solving, and reasoning age
  • CATs tests which provide standardised scores for various aspects of reasoning
In the EYFS, the continuous provision and planning allows for accurate assessment of the children in line with the curriculum expectations.
All assessment feeds into our termly reviews of progress and attainment and is shared in the end of year reports and at Parents’ Evenings.

It is not the school’s policy to disclose a girl’s position in class.


We recognise the importance of quality communications between home and school and work to nurture these relationships.

Parents’ Evenings are held twice a year during the Autumn and Spring Terms.  These appointments are limited to 10 minutes to ensure all parents are able to be seen.  However, all staff are happy to see parents on another day at a mutually convenient time.

Reports are issued annually at the end of the Summer Term to all children throughout the school.


From Form I, house-points are awarded for good work and good effort.  Girls work towards their bronze, silver, gold, platinum or double platinum badges across the course of each year.

Every Friday, two girls from each class are selected for hard work across the course of the week and are sent to the Headteacher to celebrate their efforts.

At the end of each half-term, Head’s Commendations are awarded to a selection of girls across each class.

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