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Nursery Weekly News 15th November 2019

15th November 19

This week our topic is ‘Hibernation’. In our adult-led activity we shared the story ‘Don’t Wake the Bear Hare’. We learnt that hibernation is when some animals have a long winter sleep. We tried to make predictions in the story and joined in with the repeating refrains, (Literacy, CL and UW). After the story we…

Nursery News 8th November 2019

8th November 19

  It was lovely to welcome the girls back to Nursery and have our new friend Jack joining us!  To begin our celebrations for St. Hilda’s Day we were involved in a Gamelan music workshop this morning.  All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing the Indonesian instruments (EAD). In Outdoor ChIL we started our…

Nursery Weekly News 18th October 2019

18th October 19

We started our final week of half-term, ‘Numbers’ week, with some counting songs.  We all learnt to hold our fingers up to represent the numbers while we were singing the number songs –  this was quite tricky when you had to fold your fingers in!  We are trying really hard to recognise the numerals and…

Weekly Nursery News 11th October 2019

11th October 19

On Monday morning we had a very messy ‘Busy Fingers’ trying to write the initial sound of our names in shaving foam, (Literacy and PD). It was good clean fun! In our adult-led activity we began work on our colour topic. Mrs Radgman had lots of different colour paints and we took turns to come…

Weekly Nursery News 4th October 2019

4th October 19

We began our topic work on ‘Shapes’ this week with a shape hunt around the school. Before going on our search we sang songs about circles, triangles and squares. We learnt the properties of the shapes and then we spotted shapes in the classroom, (Maths). On our hunt we found circle signs, a diamond stained…

Nursery News 27th September 2019

27th September 19

We began our morning exploring a range of ‘Busy Fingers’ activities to strengthen our hands. We used Inter Star to make models and flowers, we used wooden blocks to make buildings for nursery rhyme characters and we explored the texture of paint with our hands and used toy cars to make tyre prints with paint…

Nursery Weekly News 20th September 2019

20th September 19

We had a very busy day on Monday working on our fine motor skills and gross motor skills. In Busy Fingers we used construction, threaded plastic paper clips onto number boards matching number to quantity, played board games and some of us spent time trying to write our names on our work, (PD, Literacy and…

Weekly Nursery News 8th July 2019

11th July 19

We enjoyed a great Busy Fingers during our final week of Nursery. Some of us played games with Mrs Holdstock and then enjoyed some stories in the quiet book area. Some of us used different shaped nuts and bolts to match and tighten, (PD and Maths). We also tried to squeeze open the mouths of…

Nursery Weekly News 5th July 2019

5th July 19

What an exciting week we have this week with our summer show ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarvettes’. As soon as we got to school we were transformed into Woodland Animals, putting on our costumes and having face paint applied. We then went through to the hall to begin our production to the whole school….

Nursery Weekly News 28th June 2019

28th June 19

We began Monday with a very industrious ‘Busy Fingers’ playing with many activities that involved ‘Food From Around the World’, our new topic, (UW and PD). We threaded Cheerios onto spaghetti, counting how many we could thread on, (Maths and PD). We also decorated pasta with pens and stickers to make necklaces, (EAD and PD)….

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