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Nursery Weekly News 26th April 2021

27th April 21

Today we started our new topic work on ‘The Life Cycle of the Butterfly’. In our adult led activity we read the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and used a story sack with props to act out the story. We learnt about the way that the caterpillar had to eat lots of food before hiding…

Nursery Weekly News 19th April 2021

23rd April 21

It was so lovely to welcome everyone back today and to welcome our new friends Chloe and Arlo. This term we are learning about ‘Animals’ and today we learnt about the animals that live in the ‘Rainforest’. We looked at an information book to learn the names of different animals and which part of the…

Monday 22nd March Nursery Weekly News

25th March 21

We welcomed the children back to the Nursery classroom on a lovely sunny Monday morning!  We started with a super Busy Fingers session where the children began to make their beautiful  Easter cards. After this we introduced the new topic for the week of ‘Mythical Creatures and Extinct Animals’.  The children were engrossed during the…

Nursery Weekly News 15th March 2021

17th March 21

This week in our topic work on ‘Animals’ will be learning about ‘Farm Animals’. To start the week off we had lots of ‘Busy Fingers’ farm animal themed activities. We used tap-a-shape to make farm animal pictures and some of us wrote captions to accompany them. Others of us used our ever increasing cutting skills…

Nursery Weekly News 8th March 2021

12th March 21

On Monday we welcomed back our friends Luca and Lauren and also Mrs Weir. We were delighted and excited to see them and hear all about their news. This week we are learning about ‘Birds’ in our topic work on ‘Animals’. We looked at an information film on the smart board that showed a bird…

Nursery Weekly News 1st March 2021

5th March 21

Today we began our second week of topic work on animals thinking about the ‘Big Five’. We found out that the big five includes elephants, rhinos, leopards, buffalo and lions. We watched a video about where these animals live and talked about their size and characteristics. We learnt that they were called the ‘big five’…

Nursery Weekly news 22nd February 2021

26th February 21

Welcome back to another exciting half-term in Nursery. We began our morning with a great Busy Fingers session making pet puppets, making pet pictures using tap-a-shape, drawing some of the pets that we have at home and matching ducks to numbers in a nest. Gosh what a busy start. In our adult-led activity we shared…

Nursery News 8th February 2021

12th February 21

Gosh, more snow and a chilly start to our Monday morning. However, when we were exploring our new ‘Transport’ topic, walking, scooting and biking, we took ourselves off to a warm continent with the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We acted out the story exploring the characters in it, the sequence of the story and explored one…

Nursery Weekly News 1st February 2021

5th February 21

‘Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon’. Our ‘Rocket and Spaceship’ topic has started. We had a fantastic Busy Fingers, working on our dexterity. We used scissors to cut patterns of rocket jets going to the moon, we used stencils of astronauts, spaceships, stars, aliens, etc. to make beautiful pictures and write captions underneath,…

Nursery Weekly News 25th January 2021

29th January 21

Gosh! What an exciting day, the school is covered in snow! We had a quick Busy Fingers and registration and then began the mammoth task of wrapping up warmly for some snow play on the field. Once we were ready we went to the field and ran around throwing snow balls at our friends and…

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