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Reception Weekly News 20th September

20th September 19

Welcome to our first Weekly News in Reception on our new St Hilda’s School website! On Monday, we discovered we were learning more about our families. We enjoyed finding out more about the Large Family in ‘Mr Large in Charge.’ We then chose which member of the family we wanted to cut out and tried…

Reception Weekly News July 11th

11th July 19

What a fun last week we have had in Reception! On Monday, we loved working with Stephen, also known as the Lego Man! Stephen showed us how to make a building using Lego to put together with Nursery, Form I and II to turn into a town. We then added a road around our buildings…

Reception Weekly News July 5th

5th July 19

We have enjoyed our penultimate week in Reception by performing in our Summer Show! We loved dressing up in our woodland animals costumes (thanks to our parents!) and having our faces painted. We sang our song really well and loved watching the older girls acting out the modern version of Snow White! In the afternoon,…

Reception Weekly News June 28th

28th June 19

Monday morning meant one thing for us; Handwriting Competition! We worked quietly writing a few lines of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ using the correct letter formation in the hope that we would win a prize for neatest writing or most improved. Watch this space! In Mathematics, we revisited o’clock and half-past times. We loved playing…

Reception Weekly News June 21st

21st June 19

On Monday, we found out that we were learning about another ‘Amazing Author’ Nick Sharratt. We loved listening to ‘Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose’ and joining in with the repeated, rhyming text. We then made our own class version of the story. In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing 2D shape games on the Smartboard and also…

Reception Weekly News June 14th

14th June 19

We started the week working on a secret mission for Father’s Day. In Mathematics, we practised our counting on skills in addition on the Smartboard. We then used all of our skills when solving number problems, including doubling, sharing, halving, counting on and counting back. In the afternoon, we loved listening to the story of…

Reception Weekly News June 7th

7th June 19

Welcome back everyone! We were delighted to find out about what had happened to our lovely caterpillars during the holidays. They had turned into butterflies while Mrs Houten was looking after them! We looked at the photographs Mrs Houten had taken and also two little film clips. We spent time writing the next instalment of…

Reception Weekly News May 17th

17th May 19

What a fun start to the week we have had! We made our own number bond beanstalks in Busy Fingers, trying so hard to work out which two numbers to together to make 10! In Literacy, we enjoyed listening to ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’. We decided to make our own class book, writing a sentence about each…

Reception Weekly News May 10th

10th May 19

Welcome back after the Bank Holiday! We were excited to see how the caterpillars had changed over our long weekend. They have grown longer and fatter already! On Monday, in Literacy, we enjoyed writing about the caterpillars in our new Caterpillar Diaries. At the end of Literacy, we crept upstairs to visit our lovely school…

Reception Weekly News May 3rd

3rd May 19

We started our topic ‘Our Glorious Garden’ with some fun gardening in the Outdoor Classroom. We moved the strawberry plants into one flower bed, weeded it and watered it. We then raked and weeded a second flower bed, before thinking about how we could attract butterflies into our Outdoor Classroom. We decided we needed bright…

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