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Reception Weekly News 17th January

24th January 20

On Monday, in Literacy we were delighted when we realised we had learnt all of the 42 sounds and digraphs! We then moved onto learning the tricky words. We learnt a simple one ‘I’ and loved writing simple sentences using our own photographs and mirrors, for example ‘I am Miss Smith’. We enjoyed listening to…

Reception Weekly News 24th January

24th January 20

We hope you all made the most of the beautiful sunshine this weekend. On Monday, in Literacy we learnt a new tricky word ‘me’. We loved playing the tricky word croissant game, stealing one each time and trying to work out which word was missing. We then used the world map and told our friends…

Reception Weekly News 10th January

10th January 20

Happy New Year! Welcome back to Reception! We do hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday and feel fully rested. On Monday, Miss Smith loved hearing all of our holiday news. We had all been doing some fun things during the holidays and loved sharing our photographs we had brought in. In Literacy, we used…

Reception Weekly News 6th December

6th December 19

We started the week by opening a present from one of our friends! It was a Christmas story called ‘Mr Willowby’s Christmas Tree’. Our teachers hadn’t read it before and couldn’t wait to read it to us at the end of the day. Thank you for such a lovely early class Christmas present! We then…

Reception Weekly News 29th November

29th November 19

We are going Christmas mad both at home and in Reception! We loved making our own Christmas stockings for Home Learning and proudly brought them into Reception! We spent time looking at them before they were popped up on the wall on display. In Literacy, we listened to ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ and decided to…

Reception Weekly News 22nd November

22nd November 19

Christmas has officially begun in Reception! In Literacy, we took time chatting with our talking partner to think of the real reason Christians celebrate Christmas. We were surprised when only one pair could remember the story of the First Christmas when baby Jesus was born! We loved listening to the Christmas story and acting it…

Reception Weekly News November 15th

15th November 19

What a fun week we have had in Reception! We talked about other festivals people celebrate, including Diwali. We loved watching a little girl, Jessica, preparing for Diwali with her family, celebrating it and finding out the story behind Diwali. In Literacy, we listened to the amazing story of Rama and Sita and loved acting…

Reception Weekly News 8th November

8th November 19

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful half-term holiday. We started the week off with a very loud bang! We have started our St Hilda’s Day celebrations early with an amazing Indonesian drumming session. We learnt how to use a variety of Gamelan percussion instruments.  We listened carefully to instructions from Mike…

Reception Weekly News 18th October

18th October 19

We have been busy thinking about how we can keep ourselves clean and healthy. On Monday, we made posters to remind our parents of ways to help us, washed and cleaned the babies and made a healthy packed lunch in Literacy. In Mathematics, we loved playing a counting game ‘Whack-a-Mole’ on the smartboard. In the…

Reception Weekly News 11th October

11th October 19

Welcome back to Reception’s Weekly News! We started the week thinking about our topic ‘I am amazing’ and enjoyed discussing whether we have pets at home. We then heard about a very cheeky cat ‘Six Dinner Sid’. We took time to make Sid a new collar, as well as choosing our own pets and labelling…

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