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Reception Weekly News 20th March

20th March 20

We have started our secret mission this week.  On Monday, we used our amazing phonic knowledge and writing skills to write something special. We all tried so hard and really impressed our teachers. We have been using our cutting skills to make something special for someone special too! In Mathematics, we were really good at…

Reception Weekly News 13th March

13th March 20

On Monday, we started the day with a singing assembly. We then had Literacy and learnt a new tricky word, ‘said’. We read a book called Handa’s Hen because we are learning about Africa this week. We then tried really hard to re tell a section of the story using the word ‘said’ in our…

Reception Weekly News 6th March

6th March 20

On Monday, we travelled to South America using our imaginations! We learnt about the Amazon River and the beautiful rainforest. We watched a short clip from Paddington showing us where he lived in the rainforest and used our new tricky word ‘go’ to write to Great Aunt Lucy. We told her to ‘Go and visit…

Reception Weekly News 28th February

28th February 20

Welcome back everyone! On Monday, in Literacy we remembered all the fun things we did over the half-term holiday. We had parties, skied, played at home and saw friends. What fun! We wrote a sentence about what we did and tried to ask the question ‘What did you do?’ using our new tricky word ‘you’….

Reception Weekly News 14th News

14th February 20

Monday morning was Show Morning to the whole school. We loved dressing up in our clown fish costumes and entertaining the older girls! In the afternoon, we flew over the Australia. We took a tour around the Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough. We couldn’t believe how many different types of fish and coral we…

Reception Weekly News 7th February

7th February 20

We kick started Wellbeing Week with an amazing GoNoodle to Elton John’s ‘I’m still standing!’ What a multi-coloured, multi-sensory and funky start to the week! We then enjoyed taking part in House Assembly in three different rooms with our older friends from around the school. We needed a little relax so we took some time…

Reception Weekly News

31st January 20

On Monday, in Literacy we loved hearing from a little girl, Martha who lives on the south coast in Poole. She told us about her house by the sea and we decided to use our new tricky word ‘to’ to write to her. We asked her lots of questions about her home and Mathilda posted…

Reception Weekly News 17th January

24th January 20

On Monday, in Literacy we were delighted when we realised we had learnt all of the 42 sounds and digraphs! We then moved onto learning the tricky words. We learnt a simple one ‘I’ and loved writing simple sentences using our own photographs and mirrors, for example ‘I am Miss Smith’. We enjoyed listening to…

Reception Weekly News 24th January

24th January 20

We hope you all made the most of the beautiful sunshine this weekend. On Monday, in Literacy we learnt a new tricky word ‘me’. We loved playing the tricky word croissant game, stealing one each time and trying to work out which word was missing. We then used the world map and told our friends…

Reception Weekly News 10th January

10th January 20

Happy New Year! Welcome back to Reception! We do hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday and feel fully rested. On Monday, Miss Smith loved hearing all of our holiday news. We had all been doing some fun things during the holidays and loved sharing our photographs we had brought in. In Literacy, we used…

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