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The School’s uniform supplier is Stevensons, 133 – 135 Victoria Street, St. Albans. All items of uniform must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. (Iron-on name tapes are not secure and it is suggested that sewn-on name tapes be used.) Parents are requested to purchase navy-blue overcoats and skirts only from Stevensons to avoid different styles and colours coming into school. Children in the Nursery Department are not required to wear blazers and hats. Red overalls must be worn by all girls for practical subjects to protect their uniform, and by all girls from Form III and below at lunch-time.

The co-operation of parents is earnestly requested in strictly adhering to the regulation uniform as listed. A second-hand uniform service is kindly provided by a parent, and sales are held at the end of each term. From Form III upwards the girls are required to have a black T-shirt (bearing the School logo in red) and leggings, for drama and selected musical activities. These are obtainable from Stevensons. A sun-hat bearing the school crest, for use in the Summer Term, is issued to every girl and charged to her account.

Uniform List

Please contact Stevenson’s for a uniform list.

To view our second hand uniform shop run by the Friends of St Hilda’s please click the below link.

FoSH Uniform Shop

School Bags

A red St. Hilda’s book bag, costing £5.75, is issued to the youngest classes, from Nursery to Form I. A larger-capacity heavy-duty red back-pack’ style of bag, costing £16.00, is available for girls in Forms II to VI to meet their need for something in which to carry a greater quantity of books as they progress through the school. Both bags carry the school’s badge and name and are charged to your daughter’s account.


Jewellery may not be worn, with the exception of stud earrings for pierced ears. Watches (Smart watches are not permitted for safeguarding purposes) may only be worn by girls from Form I upwards. All watches should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

No money should be brought in to school unless certain circumstances allow it, such as charity collections.


All stationery and text books are included in the School fees, but lost text books will be charged for on the account at the end of term. All girls should have their own writing implements, coloured pencils, felt tips and rulers. Girls from Form II upwards require cartridge pens, and in Forms V and VI geometry instruments are required, including a 30cms. ruler, protractor, set square (all in clear plastic), a simple pair of compasses and a small pair of safety scissors.

The following items are supplied and charged for on the School account, and each girl will be able to keep them when she leaves:

For Form II and above:

  • Drama bag
  • Recorder and Recorder Book
  • Headphones

For Forms IV, V and VI:

  • Heinemann English Dictionary
  • French Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • French Magazines
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