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Nursery Weekly News 14th June 2021

18th June 21

What a beautiful start to the week!  The sun was shining and the girls and boys all came into the classroom with huge smiles ready to learn! In Busy Fingers we were fishing for phonics letters, practising our fine motor control threading with cheerios and spaghetti, making flower pictures with magnetic shapes and listening to…

Sarah Outen Visit St Hilda’s

17th June 21

We had an exciting visitor in school this week. Sarah Outen MBE came for the whole day and ran workshops based on teamwork, communication and resilience.   We had a great day and can’t wait to welcome her back another time.

STEM Club Ultimate Bridge Challenge

10th June 21

Despite being interrupted by lockdown, we finally tested our bridges over the River of Doom. These bridges were of our own design and based upon beam, cable-stay, suspension and truss bridges. Rather than spreading the load evenly, we decided to load the weight in the middle of each bridge because they were all so different….

Nursery Weekly News 24th May 2021

28th May 21

We welcomed the smiley faces of the Nursery children back to the classroom on Monday morning and started the week off with a frog themed Busy Fingers session!  The girls and boys made a split pin frog using their cutting skills and showing careful fine motor control when making the holes for the split pins…

Magical Creatures

26th May 21

To end our unit of work on animals, adaptations and magical creatures, we made salt dough models of magical creatures. These creatures are of our own individual design and we had to use a bit of Maths and Art to make them. After they have finished cooking in the over, we will paint them and…

Nursery Weekly News 17th May 2021

21st May 21

It was lovely to welcome back the Nursery boys and girls to the classroom on Monday morning!  They were full of their weekend news and excited for the week ahead.  We had a lovely carpet time talking about our previous zoo experiences and what everybody hopes to see on our trip to Whipsnade Zoo tomorrow! …

Form III Investigate Forces

19th May 21

Form III began their learning about different types of forces by conducting a range of experiments. We used rubber bands, cotton wool, ping pong balls, coins, card and paper straws to try and move things in as many different ways as we could.  

Nursery Weekly News 11th May 2021

14th May 21

We were so delighted to be able to welcome the Nursery boys and girls back to the classroom this morning! Everyone had happy smiling faces and lots of news to share with us.  We introduced the girls and boys to the new topic for the week – Under the Sea.  The children thoroughly enjoyed playing…

Form 1 News 30th April

30th April 21

Wow what a week! Form I have had a great experience learning about the boil and toil of Victorian washing, using our mangle and other implements to learn how hard their forebears worked to keep things clean. We also ran our daily mile.

Nursery Weekly News 19th April 2021

23rd April 21

It was so lovely to welcome everyone back today and to welcome our new friends Chloe and Arlo. This term we are learning about ‘Animals’ and today we learnt about the animals that live in the ‘Rainforest’. We looked at an information book to learn the names of different animals and which part of the…

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