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Form IV investigate states of matter

17th March 21

Form IV are learning about materials and states of matter. Today we tried to decide what state of matter shaving foam is and then we made a mystery substance called oobleck! It was a lot of fun, a lot of mess in the Science Lab, but we also did a lot of learning.  

FV Parachutes

12th March 21

We had a lot of fun making parachutes as part of our unit investigating forces and air resistance. The wind may have interfered slightly but with a winning slowest time of 6.25 seconds, who can complain?! Even if one did get temporarily stuck on the building.

Form III make skeletons

9th March 21

We have been learning about the body. Today we discovered that if we didn’t have any bones, we’d just be a squishy blob on the floor and that is one of the reasons out skeletons are so important. We went outside and made them using materials from the school field, paying attention to detail around…

Nursery Weekly news 22nd February 2021

26th February 21

Welcome back to another exciting half-term in Nursery. We began our morning with a great Busy Fingers session making pet puppets, making pet pictures using tap-a-shape, drawing some of the pets that we have at home and matching ducks to numbers in a nest. Gosh what a busy start. In our adult-led activity we shared…

Nursery News 8th February 2021

12th February 21

Gosh, more snow and a chilly start to our Monday morning. However, when we were exploring our new ‘Transport’ topic, walking, scooting and biking, we took ourselves off to a warm continent with the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We acted out the story exploring the characters in it, the sequence of the story and explored one…

Nursery Weekly News 1st February 2021

5th February 21

‘Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon’. Our ‘Rocket and Spaceship’ topic has started. We had a fantastic Busy Fingers, working on our dexterity. We used scissors to cut patterns of rocket jets going to the moon, we used stencils of astronauts, spaceships, stars, aliens, etc. to make beautiful pictures and write captions underneath,…

Winter Prints

2nd February 21

The children were given a mini project to work on, to do with printmaking. They were asked to create a print of a winter scene, using household objects such as: corks, lolly sticks, scrunched up paper, cotton wool, combs, toothbrushes etc. By following some instructions, a short video and using worked examples on a PowerPoint,…

Nursery Weekly news 18th January 2021

22nd January 21

We began our morning with an industrious ‘Busy Fingers’ making train tracks, completing bus puzzles and making transport pictures with tap-a-shape. Before our adult-led activity Bethany told us all about her outing to the train station at the weekend and we looked at her lovely photos on Tapestry. Bethany saw trains coming into the station,…

Nursery Weekly News 6th January 2021

8th January 21

It has been a busy week welcoming the boys and girls back to Nursery. We have enjoyed hearing all about their Christmas news and have had a great time introducing our new topic work on ‘Transport’, starting with our new theme of ‘Cars and Trucks’. Despite having to make a few changes to our routines…

Nursery Weekly News 7th December

11th December 20

We kicked this week off with a very exciting Marble Jar Treat party! We have worked so very hard over the last half term that the girls and boys had a well earned treat!  We played pass the parcel, musical bumps, musical statues and musical chairs! We also danced to Christmas songs and ate some…

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