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FV Parachutes

12th March 21

We had a lot of fun making parachutes as part of our unit investigating forces and air resistance. The wind may have interfered slightly but with a winning slowest time of 6.25 seconds, who can complain?! Even if one did get temporarily stuck on the building.

Form V become science presentors

4th December 20

In science, we are really good at presenting out scientific work in written form. We thought we’d have a go at cross-curricular learning and make iMovie videos of an investigation. We still followed our usual rigorous scientific process, but had extra fun filming!  

St Hilda’s Day

23rd November 20

On Tuesday 17th November, we celebrated St Hilda’s Day.  The focus on this day was ‘Outdoor Learning’. In our English lesson, we worked in pairs to solve a SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) challenge.  We had to solve clues based on a variety of topics (including apostrophes, speech punctuation, homophones, nouns, verbs and adjectives) to…

Pom Poms

12th October 20

During the first half of this term, the girls in Form V have been helping their wellbeing with craft and breathing exercises during form time. We have made over 100 pompoms so that we can create our ‘Wellbeing Wall’ together. The wall will be used throughout the year as a reminder of things we can…

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