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The fees are fixed by the Board of Directors who reserve the right to increase them at any time during the academic year. Fees and extras are payable termly, in advance, and are due on the first day of term. An interest charge is payable on overdue accounts. No refund of fees can be made on account of pupil absence so parents are therefore advised to join the School’s Fees Refund Scheme, details of which can be obtained from the Office. A full term’s notice is required in writing if a pupil is to leave the School (one and a half term’s notice if leaving Nursery), and half a term’s notice is required if a pupil is to discontinue extras. In the absence of any notice being received, fees will be charged accordingly.

The school accepts Childcare Vouchers.

Please see our Fee Scale.

We offer 15 hours free early education for three and four year olds.  Please contact the School for more information.

An overview of the School’s Refund Scheme can be found here.  Details of the Pupil Absence Insurance can be found here.  This will provide protection to the Fee Payer should a pupil become ill or suffers an injury which results in them being absent from school. The cost to the Fee Payer for this policy is £35.79 per pupil per term inc. IPT.  Please contact the Office for further details.

A claim form for the School Fees Refund Scheme can be found here.

Details of the School Fee Plan can be found here.

The School provides a Pupils’ Personal Accident Scheme insurance which, for a premium of £4.95 per term, covers the child for 365 days in the year. Every girl, on joining St. Hilda’s, is automatically included in this scheme.

Details of the Pupil’s Personal Accident Scheme Insurance can be found here.

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