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Form V Art

4th May 20

A member of our Form V class created this lovely piece of Art as part of her home learning.

Reception Weekly News 20th March

20th March 20

We have started our secret mission this week.  On Monday, we used our amazing phonic knowledge and writing skills to write something special. We all tried so hard and really impressed our teachers. We have been using our cutting skills to make something special for someone special too! In Mathematics, we were really good at…

Nursery News 20th March 2020

20th March 20

Everybody came back into Nursery this morning raring to go, ready for the new week! We started with a super Busy Fingers session where the girls and boys painted, acted out stories using small world toys, played an animal dominoes game and used their fine motor skills to practice their writing and pencil control by…

Reception Weekly News 13th March

13th March 20

On Monday, we started the day with a singing assembly. We then had Literacy and learnt a new tricky word, ‘said’. We read a book called Handa’s Hen because we are learning about Africa this week. We then tried really hard to re tell a section of the story using the word ‘said’ in our…

Form I News 13/03/20

13th March 20

Form I have been busy learning all about the Polar Regions of the world. These are found at both the far north and far south points of the globe. In the north is the Arctic and the North Pole and in the south is the Antarctic and the South Pole. We have learnt that penguins…

Nursery Weekly News 13th March 2020

13th March 20

We started our new week in Nursery with a fantastic Busy Fingers session.  Everyone was so focused and involved in the activities at the tables, working independently and collaboratively (PSE, PD, Literacy, Maths).  What a great start to the week! We then listened to a story about a baby monkey who had lost his parents. …

Form IV write Haiku

11th March 20

Today Form IV made the most of the beautiful sunshine and went on a vocabulary hunt outside. We were looking for colours, textures, sounds and smells to inspire our poetry. Sweet, fragrant florals Emerald grass and swaying leaves Melodic laughter

Reception Weekly News 6th March

6th March 20

On Monday, we travelled to South America using our imaginations! We learnt about the Amazon River and the beautiful rainforest. We watched a short clip from Paddington showing us where he lived in the rainforest and used our new tricky word ‘go’ to write to Great Aunt Lucy. We told her to ‘Go and visit…

Nursery News 6th March 2020

6th March 20

Welcome back to a fun packed week in Nursery.  We began the week by playing a flying spaceship game with Mrs Holdstock and making simple repeating patterns with shapes (Maths) and colours in Busy Fingers.  The Nursery girls also read their core reading books with Mrs Weir.  They enjoyed answering questions relating to the text…

Reception Weekly News 28th February

28th February 20

Welcome back everyone! On Monday, in Literacy we remembered all the fun things we did over the half-term holiday. We had parties, skied, played at home and saw friends. What fun! We wrote a sentence about what we did and tried to ask the question ‘What did you do?’ using our new tricky word ‘you’….

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