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Reception Weekly News 18th June

18th June 21

On Monday, in Literacy we loved watching Lily’s Daddy’s film clip. He is a dentist and he told us all  about his job, showing us the tools he uses and ‘virtually’ taking us around his Dental Surgery. We listened so carefully and learnt so many new facts. We chatted about everything we had learnt, including…

Nursery Weekly News 14th June 2021

18th June 21

What a beautiful start to the week!  The sun was shining and the girls and boys all came into the classroom with huge smiles ready to learn! In Busy Fingers we were fishing for phonics letters, practising our fine motor control threading with cheerios and spaghetti, making flower pictures with magnetic shapes and listening to…

Form 1 News 18th June 2021

18th June 21

We have had another jam packed week here in Form I. The sun was shining on Monday so we took advantage of this and used the swimming pool. The girls are getting more confident to put their faces in the water whilst they are swimming and also to use the noodles and floats to help…

Sarah Outen Visit St Hilda’s

17th June 21

We had an exciting visitor in school this week. Sarah Outen MBE came for the whole day and ran workshops based on teamwork, communication and resilience.   We had a great day and can’t wait to welcome her back another time.

Reception Weekly News 11th June 2021

11th June 21

Welcome back everyone! On Monday, we started the week off with such a fun party to celebrate Eden’s 5th Birthday. We went on a Treasure Hunt using positional language. We searched for clues above, below, on the left, on the right and inside our school. We were so clever and managed to read the clues…

Nursery Weekly News 7th June 2021

11th June 21

Welcome back! It was so lovely to see all of the boys and girls this morning as they returned to school! After a super Busy Fingers session full of cutting activities, sorting of the farm animals, observational paintings of flowers and construction activities we heard a little bit about the adventures from half term.  We…

Form 1 News 28th May 2021

31st May 21

Croak, Croak, Croak………. We have had a week full of croaking, singing and jumping! We have spent much of our week rehearsing for our Junior Show ‘Croak’. We have to remember cues for when to say our lines; project our voices so everyone can hear us without us shouting; remember the words and actions to…

Reception Weekly News 28th May

28th May 21

We enjoyed our last week learning about Space. On Monday, in Literacy we tried hard to remember the order of the planets in the Solar System. We named all of the planets on our own solar system. In Expressive Arts, we loved painting a dark night sky to use the following day. We enjoyed rehearsing…

Nursery Weekly News 24th May 2021

28th May 21

We welcomed the smiley faces of the Nursery children back to the classroom on Monday morning and started the week off with a frog themed Busy Fingers session!  The girls and boys made a split pin frog using their cutting skills and showing careful fine motor control when making the holes for the split pins…

Form III Fairy Gardens

27th May 21

As we approach the end of half term it has been time for a Form III tradition! The ‘ever-popular’ Gardening Club have been worked hard to produce their fairy gardens. The girls have enjoyed making their own personalised ones.  They have brightened the Form III windowsill, and the biggest challenge will be taking them home…

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