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Reception Weekly News 26th April

26th March 21

We enjoyed a fun filled day on Monday, starting with Busy Fingers. We enjoyed painting with friends, drawing pictures and putting together an Animals of the World puzzle. In Literacy, we loved learning about Easter. We then decided what we wanted to write in our Easter cards and wrote our cards so well using our…

Monday 22nd March Nursery Weekly News

25th March 21

We welcomed the children back to the Nursery classroom on a lovely sunny Monday morning!  We started with a super Busy Fingers session where the children began to make their beautiful  Easter cards. After this we introduced the new topic for the week of ‘Mythical Creatures and Extinct Animals’.  The children were engrossed during the…

Reception Weekly News

19th March 21

We hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Mother’s Day yesterday! On Monday in Literacy, we took an imaginary trip to Australia. We learnt about the Great Barrier Reef and enjoyed a story about a Rainbow Fish who wouldn’t share his shiny silver scales. We decided to become authors ourselves and each written a sentence about an…

Form IV investigate states of matter

17th March 21

Form IV are learning about materials and states of matter. Today we tried to decide what state of matter shaving foam is and then we made a mystery substance called oobleck! It was a lot of fun, a lot of mess in the Science Lab, but we also did a lot of learning.  

Nursery Weekly News 15th March 2021

17th March 21

This week in our topic work on ‘Animals’ will be learning about ‘Farm Animals’. To start the week off we had lots of ‘Busy Fingers’ farm animal themed activities. We used tap-a-shape to make farm animal pictures and some of us wrote captions to accompany them. Others of us used our ever increasing cutting skills…

FV Parachutes

12th March 21

We had a lot of fun making parachutes as part of our unit investigating forces and air resistance. The wind may have interfered slightly but with a winning slowest time of 6.25 seconds, who can complain?! Even if one did get temporarily stuck on the building.

Reception Weekly News

12th March 21

Welcome back everyone! We were so excited to get back to school today. We enjoyed a lovely long Busy Fingers, chatting, laughing and playing with our friends. We made flag patterns, made a world puzzle, playing World Wide Lotto and sharing stories together. We took time talking about how we feel coming back to school…

Nursery Weekly News 8th March 2021

12th March 21

On Monday we welcomed back our friends Luca and Lauren and also Mrs Weir. We were delighted and excited to see them and hear all about their news. This week we are learning about ‘Birds’ in our topic work on ‘Animals’. We looked at an information film on the smart board that showed a bird…

Form 1 News 12th March

12th March 21

Yippee…… We have all had the most exciting yet exhausting week back in school. We have absolutely loved seeing our friends and teachers in real life rather than on a screen. It has been a little noisier than usual in the classroom as we all have so much to say!  In between chatting and catching…

Form III make skeletons

9th March 21

We have been learning about the body. Today we discovered that if we didn’t have any bones, we’d just be a squishy blob on the floor and that is one of the reasons out skeletons are so important. We went outside and made them using materials from the school field, paying attention to detail around…

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