The STEM Club Bridge Challenge

30th January 20

It was the annual STEM Club Bridge Challenge last week. The teams had been working really hard for a number of weeks to make sure their bridges both spanned with width of the River of Doom as well as being strong enough to hold the weight of vehicles. There were mixed results.


30th January 20

Form IV have been doing a lot of their English work around the story Varmints. Today we split the story into scenes and acted it out in groups.  

Silly Mixtures

29th January 20

Form V have been learning about separating materials this term and made a silly mixture which they then had to separate. They had to use multiple processes to get the sand, sugar, lentils, paperclips, marbles and polystyrene pieces back.


29th January 20

During our last week before the Christmas break, Form IV used their knowledge of model aeroplanes from the non-chronological reports they wrote to design and build their own static models.

Reception Weekly News 17th January

24th January 20

On Monday, in Literacy we were delighted when we realised we had learnt all of the 42 sounds and digraphs! We then moved onto learning the tricky words. We learnt a simple one ‘I’ and loved writing simple sentences using our own photographs and mirrors, for example ‘I am Miss Smith’. We enjoyed listening to…

Nursery weekly news 24th January

24th January 20

Welcome back from the weekend!  We started the week with a super Busy Fingers session.  Some children were practising their letter formation in the sand (PD, Literacy), others painted wellies and created some super footprints (EAD) and Mrs Houten worked with a group building an alphabet floor puzzle (PD, Literacy). We had another practice of…

Reception Weekly News 24th January

24th January 20

We hope you all made the most of the beautiful sunshine this weekend. On Monday, in Literacy we learnt a new tricky word ‘me’. We loved playing the tricky word croissant game, stealing one each time and trying to work out which word was missing. We then used the world map and told our friends…

Dog Walking Club

20th January 20

Maisie has had a great playtime today. Form I have been helping Maisie to learn how to walk sensibly on the lead.  

Nursery Weekly News 17th January

17th January 20

We started off the week with a fantastic Busy Fingers session (PD, CL).  Our focus for the half term is to ensure we are all engaged in an activity on the tables to improve our strength and coordination in our hands.  This in turn will mean that the we will develop the necessary muscles required…

Form I Geography Field Trip 14/01/20

15th January 20

It was a wet and windy Tuesday afternoon but we spotted a break in the rain, put on our coats, picked up a pencil and a landmarks list each and headed off to explore Harpenden. We had over 16 things that we were hoping to see from a road and houses to people and restaurants. …

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