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St Hilda’s Harpenden, Nursery Fun 26th February 2024

1st March 24

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Welcome back after half-term to our new topic all about ‘Food’. This week we are thinking about our ‘5-a day’ and how to keep our bodies and minds healthy. We began our work by listening to the story ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and after answering lots of questions about the text we made our very own fruit salads. We talked all about where the fruits grew and the different parts of the fruits. We then peeled, chopped, segmented and spooned until we had a yummy, scrummy fruit salad to take home for tea.

In our ‘Mindful Monday’ session we enjoyed a JoJo and Gran Gran yoga session and learnt some new poses including the ‘mountain’ and the ‘dragon’. After the session we reflected on how we felt and used some good descriptive words; ‘calm’, ‘happy’, ‘relaxed’, ‘tired’.

It was our Jolly phonics lesson on Tuesday and after recapping all the previous sounds that we have learnt we listened to the story about our new sound ‘o’. We realised that lots of the children in our class have an ‘o’ in their name and we used positional language to identify where the ‘o’ was. We also talked about the capital letter ‘O’ and the lower case ‘o’ and where we use them in words. Afterwards we played three different games in groups. Some children found objects and matched initial letter sounds to letter tiles and some children found objects that were simple cvc words, such as ‘pig’, ‘bed’, ‘cat’, ‘dog’ and carefully blended them together. Well done Nursery you are all very impressive with your phonics development.

On Wednesday we worked on our observational drawing skills using crayons and paint to draw onions, tender stem broccoli, a grapefruit, bananas, peppers, potatoes and lots more. We carefully used our shape knowledge to draw the correct shape of the fruit or vegetable and then added detail using the correct paint colours. What amazing paintings Nursery, all ready for our new 5-a-day display.

In PE we began our new topic ‘Dance’ and enjoyed learning different movements to different music. We also used bright scarves to increase our arm strength moving them in time to the dance routine.

On Thursday we enjoyed a ‘Betsy the Banana’ Cosmic yoga session pretending to be Betsy in her fruit bowl. Betsy had three wishes and one involved riding a bike, which was great fun!

We have enjoyed sharing our friends holiday news and it has been lovely listening to the growing confidence when speaking and listening. Well done Nursery!

It has also been a week of lots of lovely fine motor skill and creative development during Busy Fingers, using different vegetables and fruits to paint and print.

This week we have also had an exciting time in our outdoor area finding a pair of frogs in our pond. We are going to watch them carefully and see if they leave any frogspawn in the pond. We can then learn all about the life cycle of a frog!


On Friday we had so much fun using our gross motor skills to play a great fruit salad game. We were all a different fruit; a banana, an apple or a strawberry. When Mrs Hughes called out our fruit name we were allowed to run under the parachute and back out. We were very sensible and demonstrated good spatial awareness. We then enjoyed lots more games including wind a bobbin up and our favourite popcorn.

girls playing the violin
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