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St Hilda’s Nursery Harpenden – Learning and Play 29th January 2024

1st February 24

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In our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic our focus this week is ‘Dentists and Opticians’. We began our morning learning how to brush our teeth. We learnt that we brush up and down and round and round and do this for two minutes, twice a day. We also recalled visits to the dentist and remembered that we must visit twice a year. So the magic number for oral hygiene is ‘two’. In Busy Fingers we worked hard brushing shaving foam off pictures of teeth. We made sure that all the food was gone so we wouldn’t get decay. We also thought about our eyes and who we should visit to get them checked. We watched a clip about a four year old girl who went to the optician to have an eye test. She wore a patch to check each eye and looked at different pictures. She enjoyed going and we realised that going to the opticians and dentist is nothing to worry about.

We also enjoyed our Mindful Monday session today. We practised our breathing exercises and then enjoyed a session called ‘Body Scan’ which Elise had told us about. We quietly thought about every area of our body and ensured that we were relaxed and mindful. The children used some lovely words to describe how they felt after the session: ‘calm’, ‘tired’, ‘sleepy’, ‘happy’, ‘relaxed’. Well done Nursery!

This week we began to start Lunar New Year celebrations with a Chinese Dance workshop. We met Ellie who taught us about the traditional celebrations and showed us some lovely red parasols and dragons that are used in the festival. We then learnt a dance routine with Ellie. We listened well and repeated the steps that she taught us. We twirled parasols up, down and held them on our shoulder. Our friend Elise also told us about how her family will celebrate when New Year commences on 10th February 2024.

girls playing the violin
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