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Form II Florence Nightingale Day 23rd November 2023

24th November 23

On Thursday, Form II enjoyed taking part in a Florence Nightingale themed day.  All of the girls dressed up as mini Florences and some even brought in their own pet owl, as Florence Nightingale had!
The girls started the day by discussing and ordering the events in Florence’s life.  The first activity was to make a medal for Florence, as she was awarded a Red Cross medal by Queen Victoria for the amazing work she undertook in the Crimean War and afterwards.  Once the medals had been presented, the girls learnt about Victorian children and the types of toys they would have played with, depending on whether they were wealthy or poor.  They then made their own Cup and Ball toys to play with, using a paper cup and polystyrene ball.  They had great fun trying to land the ball in the cup!
Just before lunch, preparation began for Afternoon Tea.  The girls worked hard to make cucumber sandwiches and iced and decorated fairy cakes.
After lunch, the girls practiced using bandages on each other, just as Florence Nightingale would have done in the hospital in Scutari.  The girls were very good at bandaging each others legs, arm and even heads!
Just before Afternoon Tea, the girls learnt about an activity that Victorian children would have learnt at school – deportment.  Each girl tried walking a length of the classroom with a book carefully balanced on their heads….some were more successful than others but everyone enjoyed the challenge!
It was then time for tea.  Everyone demolished the delicious sandwiches and little cakes that were prepared earlier, with some requesting seconds!  The girls enjoyed squash poured from ‘proper teapots’ and even practiced pointing their little fingers out like posh Victorian ladies!
Form II had a wonderful day celebrating all things Victorian and Florence Nightingale related!
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