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Form One Weekly News 18th September 2023

22nd September 23

In English, we enjoyed sharing the story of ‘The Koala who Could’ by Rachel Bright. We were so pleased that Kevin the Koala was brave enough to join in with his friends at the end of the book. We worked hard in shared writing to think of something Kevin might be saying in a speech bubble to his friends, while clinging onto his tree!

In Mathematics, we have been learning how to read and write number words. We read number words and matched them with the correct numeral and ten frame with the correct amount of counters.

In Form Time, we looked at the calendar and realised autumn is coming! We took time to think of something we are looking forward to doing in the autumn time. These included our Birthdays, collecting conkers, Guy Fawkes Night and finding pine cones. There are lots of things to look forward to! We enjoyed hanging them on our celebration tree with our Form VI Prefect, Chloe.

We are doing so well in French with Madame Lawrenson. We are able to use greetings when we meet people and we are gaining so much confidence when speaking in French aloud. Tres bien, filles!

In Science, we loved learning about our five senses. Have a watch here!

We took part in five different experiments using each of our senses, including a taste test, feely socks and smelly test. We discovered that our senses are amazing and really help us every day. Can you remember which foods we tasted and any of the super describing words we used for them?

On Wednesday, in Mathematics we learnt how to count on from any number, without having to go back to 0 or 1. We enjoyed rolling the dice, finding the correct amount of counters and then counting on together from that number.

In Art, we looked closely at our faces using mirrors and used our careful sketching skills to draw our features. We then mixed all of our own colours to paint our faces using super detail. We think they will look beautiful on the wall!

This week in our Humanities lesson we looked at our family trees! We though it was very funny that we could put our family onto a tree! We had a look at the Royal Family’s family tree and found that it was all very complicated!

We used the ‘The Koala Who Could’ book in English on Friday to create a comprehension lesson.  We were able to use the picture from the story to describe what was happening and remembered to only use what we could actually see, not what we thought would happen or what we knew would happen!


What a great week we have had again!  See you next week for more learning and fun!

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