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Form One Weekly News 11th September

15th September 23

Welcome to our first Weekly News in Form One!

Monday was Puzzling Monday. We worked so well with our friends on a range of tricky puzzles, taking it in turns and sharing fairly.

In Mathematics, we were introduced to sorting in different ways. We used our clever thinking skills to work out how things were sorted and sorted lots of different objects using our own criteria. Can you spot the way we were sorting?

On Tuesday, we enjoyed stretching our bodies and calming our minds with a simple Yoga session.

In English, we took time to make our own non-fiction books about keeping our bodies healthy. We wrote super sentences about ways to keep clean!

In Science, we looked closely at our faces using a mirror and discussed all of our facial features. We then found out what each of the does, before labelling our own faces using scientific vocabulary.

On Wednesday in Art, we continued to practise our colour mixing skills using the super story of ‘The Lion Inside’ as inspiration. We learnt how to sketch, making  super lion sketches and then made orange, pink and even brown paint uing the primary colours and white.

On Thursday we use the iPads as our activity when we come in to the classroom.  The girls were using Balloon Phonics to independently fill in the missing sounds – initial, final and medial.

During the morning we also had our first spelling test! The girls did a great job!

In Humanities we compared ourselves as a baby and now and realised how incredible we are and how much we have learned to do in our lives!


On Friday we used our new maths books! This was very exciting and we felt very grown up!

What an excellent first full week as Form 1 girls!

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