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Nursery News 20th March 2020

20th March 20

Everybody came back into Nursery this morning raring to go, ready for the new week! We started with a super Busy Fingers session where the girls and boys painted, acted out stories using small world toys, played an animal dominoes game and used their fine motor skills to practice their writing and pencil control by…

Nursery Weekly News 13th March 2020

13th March 20

We started our new week in Nursery with a fantastic Busy Fingers session.  Everyone was so focused and involved in the activities at the tables, working independently and collaboratively (PSE, PD, Literacy, Maths).  What a great start to the week! We then listened to a story about a baby monkey who had lost his parents. …

Nursery News 6th March 2020

6th March 20

Welcome back to a fun packed week in Nursery.  We began the week by playing a flying spaceship game with Mrs Holdstock and making simple repeating patterns with shapes (Maths) and colours in Busy Fingers.  The Nursery girls also read their core reading books with Mrs Weir.  They enjoyed answering questions relating to the text…

Nursery News 28th February 2020

28th February 20

Welcome back after half term!!  We hope you had a wonderful break, with some fun and games and rest too!  Welcome too to our new members of the class, Bea, Jacob and Amelie. The girls and boys came back to school on Monday morning brilliantly!  They settled very quickly into our Busy Fingers activities (PD,…

Nursery Weekly News 14th February 2020

14th February 20

On Monday morning we thought our Teachers had gone a little bit crazy! As soon as we got to school they asked us to come and get changed for our production!! Some of us found this funny because we had only just got dressed to come to school!  We are becoming more independent at dressing…

Nursery News 7th February 2020

7th February 20

On Monday morning we had a special job to do! We had been invited to the whole school assembly! How grown up! We listened to the assembly about Well being Week.  We showed the rest of the school that we were excellent at sitting and listening (CL) throughout the assembly! After Outside ChIL which involved…

Nursery News 31st January 2019

31st January 20

Our new week began with Mrs Radgman reading the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’.  The children became actors and acted out the story whilst Mrs Radgman read it.  We pulled up the turnip eventually after many people and animals came to help (CL, EAD and UW)! In ChIL the children used the hats again to re-enact…

Nursery weekly news 24th January

24th January 20

Welcome back from the weekend!  We started the week with a super Busy Fingers session.  Some children were practising their letter formation in the sand (PD, Literacy), others painted wellies and created some super footprints (EAD) and Mrs Houten worked with a group building an alphabet floor puzzle (PD, Literacy). We had another practice of…

Nursery Weekly News 17th January

17th January 20

We started off the week with a fantastic Busy Fingers session (PD, CL).  Our focus for the half term is to ensure we are all engaged in an activity on the tables to improve our strength and coordination in our hands.  This in turn will mean that the we will develop the necessary muscles required…

Nursery News Week ending 10th January 2020

10th January 20

Welcome everyone!! We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming back our Nursery children this morning from their Christmas break and we were also delighted to welcome some of our new Pre-Nursery children for their first morning at St. Hilda’s.  Everyone was so brave and joined in with all the activities. We started the morning with some exciting Busy…

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