Clubs & Activities

Form IV STEM day

Today Form IV had an incredibly busy day designing and constructing hamster runs for Mrs Taylor’s hamsters Tato and Indy in the morning, followed by making band rollers with SETPOINT in the afternoon.

Grafham Water

Form IV had a fantastic three days at our Grafham Water residential. We challenged ourselves and had fun at the same time.

Stem Club Tower Challenge

This week in Stem Club we had a challenge to see who could build the tallest tower. Hannah and EB managed to get theirs even taller than Miss Humphris!

Gardening Club Fairy Gardens

Gardening Club have worked hard over the last three weeks to create Fairy Gardens. The girls all carefully planned and designed their gardens in the first week, the second week was spent planting and finally, this week, the girls added all the decoration. A big thank you to Mrs Mills who grew and supplied all …


In STEM club, we have been learning about bridges. Using K’NEX, we have engineered two different types of bridges so far this term: beam bridges and cable-stayed bridges (above). During our STEM club sessions on Thursday afternoons, we learn about STEM through doing. We have discovered that the strongest shape, especially when building, is a …