Form IV

Kew Gardens

We had a great day out at Kew amongst the beautiful gardens and fantastic glasshouses. We took part in workshops concentrating on Rainforests and on Art in Nature. We learnt lots about the different plants and their environments. To support our learning in the classroom, we visited the Marianne North Gallery to view her amazing …

Hazard Alley

Forms IV and V recently visited Hazard Alley at the Safety Centre in Milton Keynes to learn about risk awareness. We learnt about what to do in an emergency and how to deal with all sorts of hazards and risks at home and when out and about. The girls practised making a 999 call and …

St Albans Abbey

Form IV enjoyed a fabulous outing to St Albans Abbey.  They had the opportunity to learn about the dissolution of the monasteries, a history of the Abbey as well as making their own brass rubbings.  The day was enjoyed by all and was made even better by the stunning weather and picnic in the park.