Destination Schools

Abbot’s Hill

Bedford Girls’ School

Berkhamsted Collegiate

City of London

Haberdashers’ Aske’s



Parmiter’s School

Princess Helena College


St. Albans Girls’ School

St. Albans High School

St. George’s V.A. School

Wycombe Abbey

Destination Schools 2015/2016

Destination School


Isabella St Albans High School Academic – Abbot’s Hill
Iona St Albans High School
Abigail St George’s
Imogen Abbot’s Hill
Tilly Queenswood
Annabel Berkhamsted

Music Exhibition – Berkhamsted

Music Award – Haileybury

Ella St Albans High School Academic and Music Award- Haileybury
Pippa Princess Helena College
Pollyanna St George’s
Ellie St Albans High School
Isabel Sir John Lawes
Siena St George’s
Edie St George’s
Samantha Queenswood
Iman Princess Helena College
Isabella Sir John Lawes
Ellen Abbot’s Hill
Olivia St Francis’ College Head’s Award for Academic Potential
Betsy Haberdashers’s Aske

Academic – Berkhamsted and Haileybury

Drama Award – Berkhamsted

Eloisa St George’s
Shakti St Albans High School
Nataya STAGS