Progress & Reporting

Assessment, Tests, Marks and Rewards

Assessments and tests in such areas as spellings and tables are carried out regularly. Before the Summer half-term break all classes from Form II upwards have end-of-year tests spread over two weeks when their year’s work is reviewed. National Curriculum tests are also carried out, either during these two test weeks or at the beginning of the school year. Screening for dyslexia takes place in Form I and above, with dyscalculia screening from Form II and above.

It is not the School’s policy to disclose a girl’s position in class.

In addition to House Points a series of rewards are presented to the girls in the form of Head’s Stickers (on Fridays) and Head’s Commendations (at the end of each half of term).

Parents’ Evenings

Parents’ Evenings are held twice a year during the Autumn and Spring Terms. Parents are requested to keep their interviews to 10 minutes and to make another appointment should there be need for further discussion. Unfortunately, because of the constraints of time on these evenings, it is not possible for parents to have two single appointments. However, the teachers concerned are happy to see one of the parents on another day at a mutually convenient time. Should difficulties arise at any other time during the term, parents are asked to make an appointment with the member of staff concerned. It is very important to have good communications between home and school, and it is much better that a particular problem is discussed and hopefully resolved, rather than becoming an increasing cause for concern.


Reports are issued annually at the end of the Summer Term to all girls throughout the school.