Collection & Parking

Parents are asked to be punctual when collecting at the end of the day or when their child is taking part in an after-school activity. Under no circumstances may a child leave School without being accompanied by an adult, unless special permission has been given. Any child who is not taking part in an after-school activity and has not been collected by ten minutes after the end of school joins the After-School Club.

Parents are requested not to park across the School gates or any private driveway, nor to park on the corner of Douglas Road / Moreton Avenue. At the Schools request there is a space for disabled drivers immediately outside the School. In the interests of safety, parents are asked to keep the main School gates free for use by cars only, and to use one of the side entrances for arrival or departure. Also in the interests of safety, parents are asked not to allow their children to get into or out of the car from the road side. Dogs should not be brought into the School grounds.