The Science curriculum at St Hilda’s is made relevant by building on the girls’ own experience and using contexts from the local environment and the wider world.

We endeavour to ensure a broad and balanced experience for all our pupils and, wherever possible, opportunities are provided to develop skills and gain an understanding of scientific concepts through first-hand experience in a climate which encourages curiosity, perseverance, open-mindedness, critical reflection and co-operation.

We employ a range of teaching methods including whole class teaching, experiential learning, discovery methods, problem solving, experimentation and open-ended investigation.

In Nursery and Reception, Science is taught by a team of teachers working together and in Forms I – II by individual class teachers.  The Science curriculum is delivered sometimes via a subject-focused topic and at other times via cross-curricular themes.  In Forms III-VI Science is taught by a specialist teacher via a discrete curriculum area in our custom built laboratory.

A variety of teaching methods are employed as appropriate and include whole-class teaching, discovery methods, problem solving and open ended investigations.

Science regularly involves the girls in practical work both through small group activities and whole class activity groups.