We aim always for Maths to be a fun, creative and challenging subject, in which we believe that every girl is entitled to the full range of learning outlined in the new National Curriculum and Common entrance curriculum.

Our philosophy enables every girl to achieve a high standard of numeracy and a wide range of mathematical skills, in order to equip her for the challenges of life. To achieve this, our girls are continually encouraged to apply their skills with confidence to everyday situations in the world around them.  We seek to create an awareness of the relevance of Mathematics to the whole curriculum and to enable the children to use Mathematics as a means of communication.

We also help our girls to think clearly and logically, allowing them to explore imaginative and creative work which arises from the Mathematics they encounter in school and in their everyday life.  We ensure that each child enjoys activities which are both demanding and satisfying and which leave her with a sense of achievement.  Across all age ranges, a broad, balanced differentiated curriculum that meets the needs of all children is provided in Mathematics.  We encourage the progressive development of mathematical knowledge, skills and concepts throughout each girl’s school life.

We use a variety of teaching approaches which enhance learning for all learning needs. Most lessons are whole class lessons demonstration, explanation and instruction by the teacher followed by practice activities to consolidate skills which have been learned, using a wide range of methods and resources. Practical activities, problem solving and investigations are built into the schemes of work, as too are frequent opportunities to practise quick recall of mathematical facts and mental methods of calculation.

Throughout each topic area the pupils are encouraged to use the correct language and terminology of Mathematics. This is developed through paired group and whole class discussion, clear and logical explanations of their mathematical experiences, calculations and investigations, in a manner suitable for their preferred learning style.

Problem solving, particularly that arising from real life situations, is considered at all levels. The children are taught to estimate answers and to appreciate that method may be used to solve a problem.

Through each topic area, class planning builds on previous attainment and so progression and continuity in Mathematics throughout the school.