At St Hilda’s, we know how to make languages fun!

Right from Nursery, French is introduced to the girls through songs, games and stories.  From Forms II to IV, girls use the popular Tout Le Monde course which all the girls enjoy.  There are lots of fun activities, songs and stories using the interactive whiteboard, as well as worksheets to build writing and ‘knowledge about language’ skills.  In Forms V and VI, we use Expo 1 which builds on existing skills, as well providing more opportunities for reading and writing, in preparation for Secondary school.

In Form VI, the whole class travels to Normandy for an exciting six-day immersion trip, run by Château de la Baudonnière.  We often take part in activities such as bread making, circus skills, mountain biking and climbing.  All the activities are delivered in French.  We also visit places of interest such as a local market, a goats’ cheese farm or the Bayeux Tapestry.  The girls really enjoy using and improving their French.

Taster German sessions are offered to small groups of girls in Form V and Form VI, while a taster Spanish course is delivered to all Form VI girls during the Summer Term.

At St Hilda’s, we believe that learning Latin gives the girls a sound basis on which to develop their foreign language learning skills.  It also aids in the understanding of English grammar and vocabulary and provides an opportunity to compare an ancient culture with our own.

Latin is introduced to pupils in Form IV and continues until the end of Form VI. We use the ‘Minimus’ course by Barbara Bell, which really does make Latin fun!  Latin lessons include acting out the Minimus stories, as well as learning new vocabulary, grammar, derivations and translation skills. Roman history, culture and mythology also provide scope for discussion.