The English curriculum at St Hilda’s is challenging, stimulating and varied.

Girls are given many opportunities to speak and perform, both in lessons and on the stage.  Teachers employ a wide variety of strategies to ensure that all girls develop their ability to communicate both individually and collectively.

Reading is a skill which enables us to access every other avenue in life.  We passionately believe that all girls should leave St Hilda’s as confident, enthusiastic readers.  In the formative years, the teaching of phonics is underpinned by regular, daily reading both individually and in groups.  As they progress through the school, girls are encouraged to read widely across a broad range of genre.  Reading lists are provided and all classes are able to access our well-stocked library.

A broad range of writing experiences are encountered by girls in each year group.  A huge level of creativity is evident across all curriculum subjects, and wherever possible links are made between subjects in writing tasks to ensure that maximum coverage is achieved.

Regular, rigorous assessment is made throughout the year to ensure that the needs of all girls are catered for.  Standardised testing at various points in the school calendar, together with continuous teacher assessment, enable staff to plan and differentiate the English curriculum.  Whilst we do not adhere completely to the National Curriculum, all planning refers carefully to current programmes of study.