The School Day

The school gates open at 8.20am.  We operate a ‘Drop and Go’ system which allows parents to pull up to the double gates and say goodbye to their children without needing to park.

Children in Nursery, Reception and Form I can access their classrooms from 8.20am, and parents can say goodbye at the classroom door under the canopy at the side of the building.  Girls from Form II upwards are encouraged to say goodbye outside and then to walk upstairs independently to their classroom.

Registration is at 8.40am, followed by assembly at 8.45am.  These are conducted by the Headmaster and Deputy Headteacher, together with visiting speakers such as local clergy and charitable organisations.  Class assemblies are held in the Autumn and Spring terms, to which parents are invited.  In the Summer term, Form VI girls take an assembly, usually in a pair, on a theme of their choice.

Break time is at 10.15am until 10.45am.  Nursery join the rest of the school for the final half term to aid the transition to the Junior Department.

There are three lunch sittings.  These are at 11.45am for Nursery, Reception and Form I, 12.15pm for Form II and Form III, and finally at 12.45pm for Forms IV, V and VI.

Lessons are divided into 30 minute periods throughout the day.

Departure is staggered to aid congestion with parents and parking.  The afternoon session finishes at 3.10pm for Afternoon Nursery sessions and Reception, 3.15pm for Form I, 3.30pm for Form II and Form III, and 3.45pm for Form IV, Form V and Form VI.

After School Care operates from 3.00pm until 6.00pm for all pupils.