Why St. Hilda’s?

St Hilda’s is a small, caring and stimulating educational setting which seeks to develop and nurture each pupil that comes to learn here each day.  Every school is unique and St Hilda’s strives to preserve both the importance of good manners and courtesy, whilst ensuring that each girl is prepared for the demands of the modern world.  As soon as you cross the threshold and enter our environment, you should be able to sense and feel its individuality.

St Hilda’s School is an independent day school for approximately 170 girls, situated close to the town centre in Harpenden, around five minutes walk from the High Street. The school is a true community, sited in a Victorian house which has undergone vast physical changes and additions to accommodate the numbers and the requirements needed to provide a first class education for the twenty first century.  It was formerly a family home and that atmosphere is preserved to this day.  Coming to school each day must be an exciting, fulfilling and safe experience, whether you are aged three or eleven, and should be positively anticipated.

St Hilda’s is a very busy community and the school enjoys a reputation for high academic standards.  Our pupils are carefully prepared for a wide range of local Independent and maintained secondary schools and some boarding schools. Careful consideration is given to ensure each child enters the secondary school best suited to their needs.

We strongly believe that every child should feel success and self-worth in order to become life-long and independent learners. For a child to achieve their academic potential they must be given the opportunity to explore and develop in all areas of the curriculum.  A wide range of extra-curricular activities and educational visits are offered to suit and attract each individual and thus provide the self-confidence and motivation to enable pupils to explore and develop their personal strengths and interests.

Alongside this, we firmly believe that these skills will only be achieved without our girls understanding tolerance, good manners, courtesy and consideration for others.  We seek to model good behaviour to them so that these qualities are instilled from the earliest age.

St Hilda’s is a Christian community, which welcomes and respects all faiths and families.  Christian teaching is essential to the life of the school and our core values are those of tolerance, respect for others, integrity, industry and achievement.

A child who feels secure and happy will be able to realise their potential and at St Hilda’s we strive to enable each of our girls to flourish as an individual.

 ‘Train up a child in the way they should go: and when they are old, they will not depart from it.’

Proverbs 22 verse 6.