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Email received from an Old Girl.


I’m an old girl and left St Hilda’s in 1988. I’m just looking through some old photographs, enjoying happy memories and thought I’d share them with you. Over 30 years on, most of us in the class of 1988 remain very firm friends and meet as often as we can. Fond memories follow.

With best wishes

Lucy Wilson (was Rann)

Email recently received from an Old Girl.

Dear St. Hilda’s

I was a pupil in the 1960’s, I entered in Transition and then went into Mrs. Bracey’s class. I think I started in 1965 but I am not sure I was moved from transition to 1b them skipped 1a and went into 2b! I remember vividly Col. Hutchinson, Mrs Tansey, Mrs Skinner in the kitchen, Mrs williams who I know became Head Mistress, Mrs Bracey and I stayed in contact until her death. Thankfully I got the chance to introduce her on many times to my daughter Star Kennedy. I was called Tracy-Anne Kennedy when I was at the school but I have been Charlie Kennedy since 1975! The school has given me many happy memories of an important part of my life and the standards that Col. Hutchinson installed in us all are still there. I remember getting a house point for being brave enough to jump first into the swimming pool! Sports days were fun and fire drill up in the 3rd form was scary – climbing down the ladder! I managed to come to the 25th Anniversary dinner. I would like to try and contact former pupils who were at St. Hilda’s when I was if possible particularly Jackie Briars, Fiona Campbell and Mary Lou Parkinson. Now I am 50, I have a successful business as an Holistic Accountant and Management Consultant plus I am a Healer. I really miss Mrs. Bracey’s sound advice like many others and wish to stay in contact with the school if possible. I live in South London otherwise my daughter would have come to you.

Charlie Kennedy
Formerly Tracy-Anne Kennedy (1965-1968?)