Nursery weekly news 12th October 2018

12th October 18

This week our topic is ‘Colours’. We started off the week with some colour mixing.  We talked about how we would use our hands to mix two colours together and predicted what would happen (EAD).  There were some interesting theories! In outside ChIL we found a pumpkin and some gourds that Mrs Radgman and Mrs…

Form I News 12th October

12th October 18

Ten, ten, ten, ten……..We love the number 10! Our Maths this week and last has been all about the number 10. We have been finding as many different ways of making the number 10 as we can. We played a game using lollipop sticks where we had to take a bunch of 10 lolly sticks…


10th October 18

In STEM club, we have been learning about bridges. Using K’NEX, we have engineered two different types of bridges so far this term: beam bridges and cable-stayed bridges (above). During our STEM club sessions on Thursday afternoons, we learn about STEM through doing. We have discovered that the strongest shape, especially when building, is a…

Movie Night

9th October 18

Forms III to VI had a fun evening watching ‘Honey I shrunk the kids’ whilst enjoying popcorn and other goodies with their friends, all expertly organised by the School Council.  Thank you girls.

Secondary Transfer Event

5th October 18

We were pleased to host a very successful secondary transfer event for parents on Wednesday.  Thank you to all our exhibitors for attending.  Our girls have a fantastic track record of achieving their first choice of secondary school and this is an important first step in making decisions on the right school.

Reception Weekly News Oct 5th

5th October 18

What a fun week we have had in Reception! On Monday in Literacy, we enjoyed focusing on the phoneme ‘m’. We took time to use our magic water to make the ‘m’ disappear. We enjoyed making medals with collage and drawing our Mums and trying to label them using our phonic knowledge. We are trying…

Nursery Weekly News 5th October

5th October 18

This week our topic is ‘Shapes’. In our adult-led activity we thought about the properties of different shapes. Mrs Weir drew them on the Smart Board and we counted their sides and corners. We then learnt a song about each shape. Afterwards we went on a shape hunt around the school. We found lots of…

Harvest Festival

28th September 18

Form I News 28th September

28th September 18

Busy, busy, busy ………. During English we have continued to work on learning both the sounds and the names of each letter and how to form each capital letter correctly. We also looked at five special letters a,e,i,o and u. These letters are called vowels and there is a vowel in nearly every word! We…

Reception Weekly News Sept 28th

28th September 18

Welcome to another busy week in Reception! On Monday in Literacy, we enjoyed focusing on the sound ‘e’. We discovered how to write ‘e’ correctly. We used scarves to practise our letter formation! We painted beautiful watercolours of Elmer the elephant, found lots of ‘e’ letters and put them in egg boxes and tried hard…

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