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Reception Weekly News March 1st

1st March 19

Welcome back everyone! We couldn’t wait to get started on our new topic ‘Our Amazing World’ so we incorporated it immediately into Monday’s Literacy! We listened to ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers and used the new tricky word ‘all’ to make posters to show our parents what our new topic was going to be….

Reception Weekly News February 15th

15th February 19

We really enjoyed our last week working on our ‘Dear Fairy Godmother’ topic. On Monday, in Literacy we loved rehearsing our Class Assembly in the hall. We are all trying so hard to remember our words and can’t wait to share it with everyone on Friday! In Mathematics, we discovered we are learning about 3D…

Reception Weekly News Feb 8th

8th February 19

Wow! What a fun start to the week! In Communication and Language, we loved welcoming Perform to Reception. We enjoyed our Superhero workshop! In Mathematics, we found out we were going to be learning about another way to measure; weight. We talked about how we can compare weights using vocabulary such as heavy and light….

Reception Weekly News Feb 1st

1st February 19

What a busy week we have had in Reception! On Monday, we loved listening to the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We thought carefully about the foods Grandma might want in her picnic basket. We also wrote letters from the Wolf to say sorry to Little Red for trying to eat her. We signed…

Reception Weekly News Jan 25th

25th January 19

What a fun week we have had in Reception! On Monday, we started our Literacy off by sharing the story of ‘The Frog Prince’. We noticed the word ‘the’ in the title and quickly realised it’s a tricky word. We made our own class version of the story, writing sentences about the tale. We also…

Reception Weekly News Jan 18th

18th January 19

We have enjoyed a Gingerbread Man inspired week in Reception! On Monday, in Literacy we enjoyed seeing the traditional tale come to life on the smartboard. We then decided to write a class version of the story. We also took time to use our fine motor skills to follow lines on Gingerbread Men and enjoyed…

Reception Weekly News Jan 11th

11th January 19

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to a brilliant New Year. In Literacy, we were delighted to see lots of lovely photographs from our holidays. We couldn’t believe some of the fun things everyone had been up to. We took time to write a sentence about our…

Reception Weekly News Dec 13th

12th December 18

What an amazing week we have had in Reception! On Monday, we realised we had filled up our Jewel Jar with 164 jewels, so celebrated with a Christmas party. We loved playing Musical Chairs and Pin the nose on Rudolph. We played Pass the Parcel. Each layer had a forfeit, including telling a Christmas joke,…

Reception Weekly News Dec 7th

7th December 18

The countdown is on for Christmas Day! On Monday in Busy Fingers, we used little buttons to follow the top of the Three Kings’ crowns. We also painted our hands with white paint and couldn’t wait to turn them into something special later on in the week. In Literacy, we took the letters we had…

Reception Weekly News Nov 30th

30th November 18

Christmas is coming! We are so excited to be starting our Christmas preparations in Reception this week. On Monday in Busy Fingers, we painted half of a cylinder red but didn’t know what we would be using them for later on in the week! We also painted our hands green and made lots of lovely…

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