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Superhero Day!

13th October 21

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s the girls in Form II having an amazing Superhero Day!  The girls worse some fabulous costumes.  I wonder if you can guess what their superpowers are? Their first task was to make a cape for their superhero sidekick. During the day, the girls had problems…

Chess Club

11th October 21

Chess Club is always popular with the girls in Forms IV, V and VI. Those who already have some knowledge are enthusiastically teaching any newcomers to the game.

Form I Weekly News October 4th

8th October 21

On Monday, we enjoyed writing our weekend news in our Activity Books. Mrs Bishop was so impressed with our efforts we each received a House Point. We all had fun weekends as we had lots of news to share, including trips to the Zoo to see baby Red Pandas, visits to the Natural History Museum,…

Pictograms in Maths

8th October 21

In Maths this week we have been learning about Pictograms.  We have learnt lots of new vocabulary such as X axis and Y axis and we now know that we need to label these axis and have a title at the top of the Pictogram.  We enjoyed foraging for Autumn leaves outside in the school…

Form I Weekly News 27th September

1st October 21

We had a a very wet and windy start to the day! Once we were in the classroom. safe and dry, we found out that we were learning about Poetry in English. We worked out that poems describe something by using short sentences, super descriptive words and do not have to rhyme! Mrs Bishop described…

Outdoor Explorers

30th September 21

Forms IV and V had a wonderful afternoon at Hudnall Park. They used a range of senses to explore the forest and found many treasures. It was a lot of fun playing the different games and relying on our friends and different senses – especially in the Meet a Tree game.

Form III investigate flowers

28th September 21

In Science this week, Form III are investigating how water moves around plants to keep them hydrated. We began by making predictions of how the water might move and where it might go first. Then we decided the equipment we would use and what type of investigation it would be. Each group chose a different…

Form I Weekly News 20th September

24th September 21

We have enjoyed another busy week in Form I. On Monday, in English we shared the story of  ‘Eddie’s Garden’, by Sarah Garland, looking at the front cover, title page, blurb and front cover illustration. We then enjoyed listening to the story. We wrote garden labels in Shared Writing using our segmenting skills, making labels…

Form II Art

24th September 21

In the first three weeks of term the Form II girls have begun looking at mark making. This week we have used natural materials found in the school grounds and have experimented with these new tools.  We looked at Neolithic paintings and even enjoyed decorating our own cave!

Forest School

23rd September 21

What a beautiful sunny and warm day Form II and III had at the forest on Wednesday for Forest School. We started our visit with a picnic on the field before Miss Sewell led us into the forest for lots of games and activities.  

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