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Nursery Weekly News 23rd November

27th November 20

This week Christmas has arrived in Nursery! The girls and boys enjoyed exploring the classroom, looking at all the sparkly and shiny decorations and at all the Christmas activities available to them. After Busy Fingers, Mrs Radgman read the Christmas story to the class and then established that we all needed to write a list…

Nursery Weekly News 16th November

20th November 20

We welcomed all the boys and girls back to Nursery on Monday morning and began with a lovely Busy Fingers session.  After this Mrs Radgman introduced the new topic for the week of Hibernation.  We listened to a story about a bear who was hibernating and talked through what hibernation means and what happens to…

Nursery Weekly News 9th November

13th November 20

Welcome back to Nursery on this autumnal Monday morning! Its lovely to hear all of the news from the children on Monday morning! They love telling us what they have been doing and what their favourite part of the weekend was! We had a lovely long Busy Fingers session involving cutting out leaves and cutting…

Nursery Weekly News 2nd November

6th November 20

What a fantastic start to the new half term we have had! It was so lovely to see the boys and girls back in the classroom and to hear about all of their holiday news.  We heard about Halloween adventures and some holiday adventures and also about some birthday news! We also began to create…

Nursery Weekly News 12th October

16th October 20

How wonderful to see everyone on Monday morning again!  The children attacked Busy Fingers with relish and practised writing their names, used tweezers to move marbles, made flowers and cars with various construction toys and created paintings using welly boots and shoes!!! During our adult-led activity Mrs Radgman read the story ‘Dogger’.  The children showed…

Nursery Weekly News 5th October

9th October 20

We had a junk modelling and puzzle fest on Monday morning to start our week in Nursery!  Some girls and boys enjoyed completing a puzzle challenge with Mrs Weir, working as a team, finishing five puzzles during Busy Fingers! Fantastic for our spatial awareness and fine motor skills! Mrs Houten helped lots of boys and…

Nursery Weekly News 28th September

2nd October 20

On Monday morning some of the boys and girls played a board game called Crazy Chefs with Mrs Holdstock.  They enjoyed it so much they asked to play it again on Friday with Mrs Holdstock!  After Busy Fingers, Mrs Radgman introduced our new author of the week – Jez Alborough.  We listened to the story…

Nursery weekly news 21st September

25th September 20

We started our week with a lovely action packed Busy Fingers session exploring a cornflour and water mixture! We stuck our fingers in it, found out that it can be very hard, but also we could drip it from a spoon!! How strange!  We also practised our cutting skills pruning some branches! There were some…

Nursery Weekly News 14th September 2020

18th September 20

The girls and boys returned to school on Monday morning with smiling faces and quickly got to work with a jam packed Busy Fingers session.  We are really working on making our hands strong using peg boards, hole punches, threading, painting and tweezers! We then spent time getting to know one another a little bit…

Nursery Weekly News 7th September

11th September 20

Welcome to the Nursery Weekly News after our first fun-packed week in school. We have had great fun playing in ‘Busy Fingers’ making our fingers strong and have enjoyed lots of indoor and outdoor ChIL (Child Initiated Learning), exploring our new environment. We have also spent time learning the Nursery routines and understanding how to…

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