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W/c 9th November – ‘Three Little Pigs’ story innovations

15th November 20

Form III have been working hard this week, completing their own individual story innovations based on the ‘Three Little Pigs’. The finished stories have ranged from,’The Three Little Mice and The Big Bad Cat’, to , ‘The Three Giant Fish and The Big Bad Whale’! After completing and adding pictures to the story, the girls…

Form III’s Three Little Pigs storyboards

9th November 20

Form III have been working on the concept of ‘story innovation’, in the first week of the new half term. The girls have been creating their own storyboards to show an understanding of the story, ‘The Three Little Pigs’. There has been some very impressive artwork, and the next stage will be to ‘innovate’ and…

Celtic Harmony Trip

6th November 20

In the first half term, Form III and IV took advantage of being able to visit Celtic Harmony, Brickendon, in order to take part in a ‘Stone Age Day’. The girls took part in a range of different activities: den building, food making, hunting, gathering and watching a fire making display. The girls all had…

Form III Onomatopoeia Making

6th November 20

In the first half term the Form III class have been studying, ‘The Iron Man’. In the book we were identifying the use of onomatopoeias. by the author, Ted Hughes, and decided to try and make our own! The class spent a happy afternoon making their own by dropping cans and tins off the walls…

Iron Man onomatopoeias

5th November 20

Form III members trying to make onomatopoeias with cans and tins. The class have been working on ‘The Iron Man’, by Ted Hughes. The girls certainly put a lot of effort into recreating the Iron Man falling down a cliff!

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