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Nursery Weekly News 27th June 2022

1st July 22

Gosh, what a lot of tired children we had after Sports Day on Saturday! We had a lovely long busy fingers, drawing, building, washing cars with toothbrushes and washing up the plates, cups and cutlery from home corner. We did a great job and will be available to help with washing up at home now!

In our adult-led activity Nursery learnt our new and final single sound ‘q’. We were very proud as we practised all our single sounds and actions. Well done Nursery we are very proud of you! Now we just have to remember them all over the long summer holiday!

Pre-Nursery enjoyed sharing a story in the school library working on the language skills of speaking, listening and understanding. Great work!

On Tuesday we began our weekly topic work on ‘Fun with Water’. We enjoyed taking turns with some fun water activities. We tried to fish ducks out of a pond with either a net or a fishing rod with a hook on the end, we washed the pots and pans from the picnic area and dolls clothes and we also enjoyed using water shoots, funnels and buckets to fill a giant container with pink water. We used lots of gross motor and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and worked together well sharing the resources. We also had a dance to a water song called ‘The Deep Blue Sea’. Some of our friends continued the watery fun with a swimming lesson. Thank you Mrs Robinson for helping us again.

We also had an ice lolly treat for snack, kindly bought for us by FOSH. Thank you! There was also time to take a look at Lily’s sunflower photos. Lily has looked after it really well and it is enormous!

Wednesday was water fun day in the classroom. We tried really hard to fill a huge container using jugs, bottles, cups and funnels. We tried our very best but we couldn’t quite fill it.

After Busy Fingers we listened to the story ‘Bonting’ by Shirley Hughes. In the story a little boy called Alfie had a pet stone. His Mummy made a swimming costume for it and he took him to the beach. Sadly Alfie lost him on the beach but luckily the story had a happy ending and Alfie found him at home in his seaside bucket. We then used lots of lovely resources to make our own pet stone. We thought about a name for them and we had stones called ‘Bumdy’, ‘Princess’, Diamond’ and lots more.

On Thursday morning we had some fun with water making jelly. We had some jelly crystals that we measured out into some scales. We noticed that it was powdery and dry and as we spooned it in it looked like smoke. We all smelt the powder and realised that it smelt of orange and decided that we were making orange jelly. We thought about how we could turn the powder into a wobbly jelly and decided to add hot water to dissolve the crystals. Soon we had a lovely orange liquid. We decided to put it in the fridge to turn wobbly ready to eat tomorrow.

On Friday morning we enjoyed hearing all about ‘Canada Day’ from our friend. She bought in a special book to share with us so we could learn about the country where she has family. As a treat she kindly bought us all in a cake to celebrate. We remembered our manners and all said ‘Thank You’ for our treat. Then we remembered our jelly. What would have happened to it over night in the fridge. At snack time we took a peek and realised that it had now set and was a wobbly orange jelly.

We enjoyed fun outside in ChIL using the trampoline and playing with more water activities. We finished our session with a great music lesson from Mrs Lipman thinking all about the exciting holidays we are going on in the summer.

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