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Form I Weekly News 27th June 2022

1st July 22

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On Monday, we enjoyed listening to the heart-warming story of ‘The Girl who Planted Trees’. We read the letter Grandpa wrote to Leela about how proud he was of her and we replied with a letter back to Grandpa.

In Mathematics, we had our first look at fractions. We looked at half and quarters, using shapes to begin with.

In PSHCE, we discussed how we can care for our environment when we are on holiday and in particular our beaches. We came up with so many great suggestions, including recycling our picnic containers, taking our rubbish home with us, taking part in beach litter pick ups, telling Lifeguards if we see any wild life in danger and many more. We watched a PowerPoint which included all of our points and enjoyed a cartoon bringing the importance of not leaving litter on our beaches to life.

In Art, we enjoyed some relaxing free painting of seaside scenes, mixing our own paint and using mixed media to add interest.

On Tuesday, in Mathematics we took time to explore half and quarter fractions. We recalled that we have to share objects between two if it’s a half and between four if it’s a quarter. We worked hard on problems, including giving one of our friend a quarter of 12 cats, quarter of 16 water bottles, half of 14 pencils and half of 18 cakes.

We enjoyed a quick Skipping Workshop, which ended with a skipping race like the older girls in Sports Day! We had a refreshing lolly and ice-cream afterwards from lovely FOSH.

We couldn’t believe our luck when we were invited to Form VI’s Mini Maths Market. We thoroughly enjoyed spending our raffle tickets playing games, getting sweets as prizes and entering lots of raffles. We loved every minute of it and wished it was running every day!

After lunch, we rested for five minutes while we watched ‘A Good Egg’ by the author of ‘The Bad Seed’. Afterwards, we enjoyed adding detail to our seaside paintings, practising the Leaver’s Assembly songs and finishing ‘The Trouble with Kittens’ in the Daisy collection.

On Wednesday, we had a productive morning making thank you cards for all of the amazing teachers who teach us and also for three teachers who are leaving St Hilda’s. We are keeping the cards a secret for now!

In Computing, with Miss Smith we enjoyed learning about Ada Lovelace. We discovered she was an amazing mathematician and was the first woman to carry out computer programming. We loved doing our own coding, just like Ada!

In Swimming, we showed Mrs Halliday how much progress we had made by swimming lengths of the swimming pool.

We ended the day with some great news; one of our friends had won a prize at the Form VI’s Mini Market! What a super surprise.


On Thursday we took one last look at money in Form 1! Mrs Weir had found some priced items and we had to work as quickly as we could to find the correct amount of money to pay for that item.  All the items were up to the value of 50p.  We quickly found that there were multiple ways of making the same amount!

Later in the day we enjoyed helping Mrs Weir to clear the walls of our work in the classroom.  Mrs Bishop had made us some huge envelopes, which we decorated, then filled with our displayed work.

On Friday morning after our final Form 1 spelling test (Hooooooraaaayyyy!!) the girls took on another maths challenge.  Mrs Weir gave each pair of children two dice to generate a two digit number.  The girls then had to make this amount with coins.  However, the dice were tricking us and they had numbers on them from 0-9 so the girls were making amounts to 99p!  Some of the girls even extended the activity by writing down alternative combinations of coins for each amount! Amazing!

Mrs Weir gave out all of the books we have written in over the year too in afternoon and we spent a little time looking through all that we had learned and enjoyed throughout the year.


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