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Reception News 24th June

24th June 22

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

We have been talking about bees this week.  We have learnt that a bee is an insect so it has 6 legs. They have 4 wings , 2 on each side of their body.  The buzz sound that a bee makes is made by their wings. There are many different types of bees but they are all very important to our planet.  The bees like to drink nectar from the flowers and they also pick up pollen on their legs and body.  They take this pollen to other plants and flowers which helps them to grow and reproduce. We have spent time making model bees and we have also been on some bee hunts around the school.  Some of us decided to play at being bees and even set up a bee hospital so the bee vet could fix any broken wings!

We spent Wednesday afternoon at Forest School.  It was lovely and cool in the shade of the woods.  We had to walk past some nettles to reach the trees so we all walked with our hands high up in the air so our arms didn’t touch the nettles. We had a fabulous afternoon exploring, searching and spotting all kinds of minibeasts. We used magnifying glasses and jars to help us study the different features of the minibeasts we found and a classification chart to help us identify them. We found spiders, woodlice, ants, flies, centipedes, beetles, worms and a few more that we weren’t quite sure what they were!


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