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Nursery Weekly News 20th June 2022

24th June 22

We had a great start to our week with Nursery’s final French lesson of the year. We took a trip to the supermarket and learnt the French words for lots of different fruits. We are really remembering lots of French vocabulary. We also learnt some songs about fruit and listened to three great French stories. Thank you Madame Knight for all the great French lessons this year.

The Pre-Nursery children played the CD listening game. We each had a board with pictures on and we had to listen really carefully to the sounds on the CD and match a counter to the correct picture. Great listening skills Pre-Nursery, well done!

After snack we introduced our new topic ‘Safety in the Sun’. We had three dollies and we had to make them safe to go outside. We applied sun cream, gave them a drink of water, put suitable clothes on them and put on a hat. We learnt about dehydration and UV rays and the importance of staying safe.


Tuesday was a busy day for the Nursery children. The girls moving to Reception in September had a lovely time with Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Hogan. Some of the Nursery boys and girls had a swimming session in the pool helped by Mrs Tull and Mrs Regent. They had great fun learning to float on their backs and kick their legs to propel them along. We also spent more time thinking about how to stay safe in the sun and learnt a funny song all about rubbing our sun cream in!


On Wednesday we had great fun in our Literacy lessons. The Pre-Nursery children played a listening game trying to work out the items in Mrs Houten’s secret bag by listening to the sounds they made. The had to tune in carefully to try to recognise some keys, a pair of scissors, an electric caterpillar toy and lots more. The children listened well and were able to work quite a few out.

Nursery were amazing at recapping all the sounds that they had learnt this year so far. They made the action and sound and thought carefully about the pronunciation of the sounds. Then we learnt our new sound ‘x’ and realised that is was right at the end of our friend Alex’s name. We enjoyed making the ‘x’ sound in the air, with our fingers, with our arms and on our friend’s backs. We then joined the Pre-Nursery children to see if we could also guess any of the sounds.

As usual we had a fabulous story time in the Library where Mrs Houten read us ‘Fergus Barnaby Goes on Holiday’. We made some great predictions in the story. Great work Nursery!

We also celebrated another 4th birthday and our friend was really kind and gave us all a party bag. We remembered our manners and all said ‘thank you’ for our treat.

On Thursday we had a very busy, Busy Fingers and then went to the filed to meet Mrs Halliday to practise our Sports Day races. We learnt how to climb into a sack and jump to the finish line in the sack, to balance a pretend egg on a spoon and run to the finish line, and lastly we ran as fast as we could in the flat race. We were amazing and you are going to love Sports Day.

Later on in our morning we worked hard again on our gross motor skills joining in with lots of great Sticky Kids songs. We noticed how our heart started to beat faster as we moved and our breath became fast too. We felt very happy doing the exercises so we have learnt that if our bodies are healthy and fit we feel happy too.

On Friday the Nursery band was back again enjoying using instruments to accompany Sticky Kids songs, The children showed great enthusiasm as they danced and played together.

We then had our final practise for Sports Day and ran fast, balanced our eggs on our spoons well and jumped with enthusiasm all the way to the end of the field. We look forward to welcoming you all to Sports Day tomorrow and to look around the Nursery classroom.


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