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Form I Weekly News 20th June 2022

24th June 22

We were productive as soon as we walked into Form I on Monday, making lots of lovely labels to display our work during Sports Day on Saturday.  We can’t wait for you to see all of our amazing work.

In Art, we loved using different media to colour in the flowers in Frida Kahlo’s hair. We used oil pastels, wax crayons and coloured pencils. We think they are looking stunning.


On Wednesday, in Computing we enjoyed continuing to work on our spreadsheets with Miss Smith. We learnt how to problem solve and help ourselves! Miss Smith was very proud of our perseverance!

In PE, we loved our second swimming session with Mrs Halliday. We jumped in and tried hard to use different strokes again. We managed to swim all the way from the shallow end to the deep end on our own!


On Thursday morning we had an exciting morning as we had the photographers in school! We started our day with some Hit the Button on the Ipads and then a fantastic hymn practice.  After this we became fact finders!  The girls read some non-fiction books independently and extracted as many facts about the animals in their book as they could.  The girls were delighted at how much of each book they could read independently and also marvelled at the facts they had learned!

In Maths we talked about using the correct units of measurement when we are weighing items using kitchen scales.  We then also compared items we had weighed using the correct comparative language.  Mrs Matthews helped us to learn to weigh out ingredients, weighing the correct amount, more or less than a given amount and using the correct unit of measurement too.

The girls are very excited for Sports Day on Saturday! They are also very keen to show off their amazing work that they have completed throughout the year in Form 1 so please come and look!

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