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Reception News 17th June

17th June 22

We have had a very sporty week this week starting with our first swimming lesson in the school pool. The sun was shining as we kicked splashed, played and swam on both our fronts and our backs.  We all really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to next weeks lesson!

We have also being practising for Sports Day.  We are getting much better at bouncing in our coloured sacks and it doesn’t matter if we fall over! We can now balance an egg on a spoon and some of us can even run with the spoon without the egg falling off. We are getting the hang of taking turns in our shuttle relay and are definitely a group of speedy runners in our sprint race.  We have also been having a go at the standing long jump!

As part of our topic work we have been talking about where food comes from.  We realised that Farmers play a very important role in our food production chain.  We spent an afternoon pretending to run a farm. We split into groups and decided whether we would have a farm that grew crops or a farm that raised livestock.  We then set about building and managing our farms. We had a strawberry and blueberry farm, a dairy farm, a farm with sheep and a sheep dog and a farm with chickens!  We spent the afternoon caring for our animals, building barns, watering our crops and driving our tractors.

In Maths we have been playing many games where we have needed to work together both taking turns and giving instructions.  We have been trying to count beads on a thread behind our backs. This was quite easy with lower numbers but once there were more than 10 beads on the thread it became more difficult.  We  are becoming very good at following the recipe and finding the correct ingredients.  We have also really enjoyed doing our addition sum cards and playing the move to the next number game.

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