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Nursery Weekly News 13th June 2022

17th June 22

On Monday morning the Pre-Nursery children decided to go on a holiday. We talked about where we would like to go and how we could get there. We decided to go to the seaside in a car. We packed two Trunkies using resources from the Nursery classroom which included some books, some cars, magnifying glasses, binoculars, a bucket and spade and much more. Off we went zooming along the motorway, stopping for a quick picnic and then continuing until we reached our lovely holiday cottage at the beach. Great imaginations Pre-Nursery and lovely language used.

In ChIL we worked on our gross motor skills using our strong arms to wash all the toy cars and scooters, We worked really hard and showed great perseverance in our task. After a yummy snack to restore our strength we listened to the story ‘My Dad the Superhero!’ Our Daddies are our Superheroes and we are going to make them a special treat for their special day this Sunday. We listened well to the story and used lovely language to make predictions and make links in our learning with our experiences outside of Nursery. Great work on your Communication and Language Nursery!

On Tuesday morning lots of us were really excited for our first swimming lesson with Mrs Halliday. We were amazing at independently getting dressed in our swimming costumes ready for the lesson. We enjoyed floating on our fronts and backs in the water using noodles to help us float. We enjoyed jumping in and splashing our teachers. We loved our first swimming the school pool. Thank you Mrs Robinson and Mrs Glynn-Jones for coming to help.

We had a really busy Wednesday morning packed full of lovely learning and play.

We worked hard in Busy Fingers writing messages for a special person in our life who has a special celebration day this Sunday. After registration we finished the special cards to give on Sunday. They look fabulous and we know our Daddies will be thrilled. Lots of the Nursery children enjoyed sharing their core books with their teachers and we are so proud of the progress that the Nursery children are making. Wednesday is always a favourite day of ours as we so enjoy our visits to the school Library where we shared a favourite story ‘The Snail on the Whale’, heard Peter and Spots news and then presented our new ‘Star of the Days’. What a great day Nursery.

Gosh, Friday was such a hot day! We enjoyed a long Busy Fingers in the cool classroom. Our fingers are now getting stronger and we can squeeze the tennis ball monsters open and feed them coins. We enjoyed counting the coins using one-to-one correspondence when we took them out. We then sang a special song for our Daddies which we are going to surprise them with on Sunday. After a fantastic ChiL in the sunshine and a refreshing snack we took time to have a quiet Mindfullness  session. We enjoyed being sleeping bunnies and rowing our boats round a long cool river.

Have a very special day on Sunday Daddies.


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