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Form I Weekly News 13th June

17th June 22

We started the week with some special news from the Tooth Fairy. Moonshine had left a note and shiny £1 coin for one of our friends and even answered a few comprehension. Lovely news!

In English, we loved reading ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ all on our own, ordering the story and acting it out. Our favourite part was the frustrated Jasper waiting for his bean to grow. Have a look at our frustrated facial experiences and body language!

In Art, we enjoyed hearing all about the life’s story of Frida Kahlo. We were excited to be finding out a little more about a female artist. We learnt a lot about her, including where she lived in Mexico, how she was poorly with Polio, how she was in an accident and had to rest in bed for weeks and she learnt to paint and draw while she was there! We took time to sketch portraits of Frida Kahlo.

On Tuesday, we practised our days of the week words using capital letters.

In Maths, we worked hard to get a grip on division, sharing out amounts between two, three and four people. We worked really hard and even managed to share out some home grown strawberries between us – 14 strawberries shared between 14 friends equals one each! Delicious!

We enjoyed a skip in the sunshine and showed off our skills. Everyone has made progress with both individual skipping and group skipping.

In English, we tried so hard with our re-telling of Jasper’s Beanstalk. We used our days of the week words in sentences and checked our work for mistakes. We are getting so much better at spotting them now.

In Science, we worked on two experiments; seeing if white carnations change colour by sucking up coloured water through the tubes in their stems and planting cress and seeing if cress seeds really do need sun, warmth and water to grow. We had a little Focused Play afterwards, managed to do some weeding in the garden, making a home for a snail which we found in our lettuces and making super Lego houses together.

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On Wednesday, we enjoyed working on division problems. We shared out leaves between minibeasts and worked out how many they would have each.

In Computing, we took time to make a Counting Machine spreadsheet with Miss Smith and Miss Sewell.

We were so hot by the afternoon that we couldn’t wait to cool off in the school swimming pool. We all loved using front crawl and back stroke to travel around the pool and enjoyed jumping in with our friends!


On Thursday morning we had an exciting time joining the rest of the girls and boys in the school on the field! It was time for the whole school photograph! After this we recapped on ‘time’ in maths and showed Mrs Weir how well we could make o’clock, half past and quarter past times!

Following this we had a brief chat about moving up to Form II! How exciting! The girls shared their worries and the things they were looking forward to.  The most exciting part being getting the red backpack!

Mrs Halliday then took the girls to the field to practise some of the Sports Day races for next weekend – 25th June.  The girls learned how to run in relay races, how to pass the baton effectively and how to support their team mates!

In the afternoon we chatted about events that take place in both the Summer and Winter Olympics.  The girls picked an event that they thought they would most like to compete in and told the class why they would like to have a go at it!

On Friday morning we continued with our recap on ‘time’ and Mrs Weir challenged us to firstly make a time on an analogue clock and then to see if we could also write this time down in digital format!

We also stunned Mrs Weir with our spelling test (in a good way!).  The spellings were so tricky this week, but everyone had obviously been working very hard at home to learn them and the spelling rule!  The afternoon was taken up with Music with Mrs Lipman and Drama with Miss O’Hare.

Have a super weekend everybody!

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