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Form I Weekly News 6th June

10th June 22

We were excited to get back to school after the half-term holiday and Platinum Jubilee celebrations. In English, we enjoyed sharing our news with our friends. We then wrote it on mini whiteboards. Afterwards, we became Mistake Detectives, checking and amending our work before writing it up. We were very pleased with our efforts!

In Mathematics, we practised our missing number sums, by moving the first number to the front and changing the sign in the middle. We are really getting the hang of them now.

In PSHCE, we took time to think about pets and how to be responsible pet owners. We came up with such brilliant ideas and added them to a mind map, before watching a little clip from the RSPCA and realised we had included all of them except ‘buying toys for them’ and ‘cleaning out their cages.’

In Art, we enjoyed finding out a little more about the artist Claude Monet. We found out that he was a French impressionist painter, who painted more than 2000 pieces of art work. We loved the Waterlilies painting and spotted so many things in the painting. We used watercolours to paint our own interpretations of it. We couldn’t believe that the painting sold for £31 million!




On Tuesday, we worked hard in our Activity Book practising writing the number words to twenty. In Mathematics, we then used these number words to make a simple counting book for the Nursery children. We listened to the story ‘One to Ten and Back Again’ by Nick Sharratt and wrote our own version called ‘One to Twenty by Form I’. We can’t wait to share the Nursery children next week.

We took to the playground for our Skipping Workshop afterwards and enjoyed skipping practise both individually and on a big rope. We are really improving!

In English, we enjoyed listening to a poem called Sea Sound by Shirley Hughes. We all love the seaside and took time to share all of the special things we do there. We tried hard to write them in our sentences and can’t wait to hear them put together in our collaborative poem.

In Science, we discussed growing sunflowers. We shared ‘Sam plants a sunflower’ and found out more about the life cycle of a sunflower. We made our own sunflower life cycle and even planted a giant sunflower seed. We hope they grow!

On Wednesday, in Mathematics we enjoyed challenging a partner to counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We had to count up in sequence as high as we could in one minute. We then used our super counting skills to help us work out multiplication problems in a multiplication wheel. We enjoyed using this for the first time and we are excited about trying it on our own next week.

In Computing, we worked hard exploring spreadsheets with Miss Smith.

The afternoon was Forest School. We loved searching for minibeasts with Miss Sewell. We discovered lots of minibeasts underneath logs and amongst the leaves and sticks. We then worked together to draw minibeasts on the forest floor and enjoyed lots of collaborative play with our friends.

On Thursday morning after Hymn Practice, Mrs Weir and Mrs Matthews set us a reading, listening and speaking challenge.  We were given a reading book that none of us had read and were told to read through the book looking carefully at punctuation and seeing where we might need to use some expression and intonation.  We then each had a turn at being the teacher and reading some of the story to the class, trying to keep the class interested in the story by using expression and intonation in the correct places! The girls were excellent at this and hopefully will now use these skills during their daily reading sessions.

In Maths we were learning about time again and the different units of time.  We learned that there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day! We then predicted which unit of measurement we would need to use to carry out daily tasks such as walking to the field, driving to school from home and running to St Albans from Harpenden.

On Friday morning we had a lovely time using the Ipads and working on our number bonds to 10, 20  and 100! The girls are seeing vast improvements in their ‘scores’ at the end of each timed section and this is inspiring them to keep trying! Following this we had our weekly spelling test and learned about the spelling pattern for our next test.  It’s a tricky one!

We continued learning about the Olympics and winning medals, standing on podiums, national anthems and also about losing and good sportsmanship.  We have realised that you don’t always win and that although that can be frustrating it is just how life is! We thought that saying ‘well done’ to the person who has won was important even if you found that difficult to do! Mrs Weir also told us how she used to sometimes get disqualified from swimming competitions by her own daddy who was often the judge or referee! The girls didn’t think that was very kind!!  We have been talking about all these things in preparation for Sports Day in a couple of weeks time and also for our own Mini Form 1 Olympics that will also be happening soon!

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