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Reception News 10th June

9th June 22

We have been very busy outside this week.  On Monday we had a long class discussion about where food comes from. We talked about the food that we have in our fridge or cupboards at home and the different kinds of shops we go to such as supermarkets, butchers, bakers, cafes and restaurants.  We also talked about different types of farms with either animals or food being grown as well as occupations such as fishing.  The girls decided that they would like to make their own supermarket and after a very long discussion about what the name of our supermarket should be we decided that it could be the shop with many names!

We have also been busy studying and looking after our plant growing experiments.  Our beans in the mini greenhouses are thriving and growing very tall.  The spring onions pieces that we retrieved from the compost heap have started to shoot and even the watermelon seeds that we harvested from our morning snack have begun to grow!  Our test to see if we could make the carrot tops sprout has not worked.  We have also had fun mixing grass seed with soil and planting it in some old tights. We have stuck eyes on them to make them look like caterpillars and are hoping they will grow hair out of the grass seed!

We have also been getting mucky covering balloons with glue and paper. We are waiting for the glue to harden before we paint them and show you what they are going to be!

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