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Nursery Weekly News 23rd May 2022

27th May 22

‘Buzz, buzz, buzz’, today we are starting our week learning all about ‘insects’. We talked about some of the  features that we knew about insects. We knew that some of them sting or bite and we knew that they fly. We then watched some videos all about the many insects that there are in our world. We learnt that insects have six legs and we counted them. We saw insects that we recognised and saw some new ones including a rhino beetle and a dung beetle who liked to live on poo!

Later we learnt all about Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. We watched the Queen’s Coronation on the smart board, the parties at her 25th Jubilee and her 50th Jubilee and then thought about the decorations we could make to celebrate her Platinum, 70th Jubilee this year. We are going to make crowns, bunting and flags!

On Tuesday morning we had a very industrious Busy Fingers making some amazing construction models and adding more detail to the butterflies we made yesterday adding glitter and paint.

We then learnt more about the Queen’s Jubilee and thought that we ought to start on our party hats. We used lots of glue and different materials all in red, blue and white. Some of us used our scissor skills to cut our resources ourselves. Well done Nursery your hats are fab!

Nursery also enjoyed a fabulous PE lesson using bats and balls, playing Grandmother’s Footsteps and using balls to throw and catch.

We had such a fantastic time on Wednesday morning exploring height and length in Busy Fingers. We used different construction to make towers of different lengths. some were as tall as us and some were as tall as our teachers. We were so excited and there was some lovely learning.

In our adult led activity we watched a video all about the way that different insects move and where they live. We then pretended to be different insects dancing and moving to a Sticky Kids song. We were butterflies flying, beetles scuttling, worms twisting, grasshoppers hopping and much more. We checked our hearts  before all the exercise and realised that afterwards our hearts were beating very fast. Gosh, pretending to be insects moving was very good for our health.

In our Library session we shared a lovely story about a little boy called George who went on adventure finding bugs. It was a great story and we listened well, asking and answering questions.

We had great fun today in our Jolly Phonics lesson learning our new sound ‘w’. We enjoyed blowing gently on our hands to make a gentle ‘wwww’ sound. As Mrs Radgman had lost her voice and couldn’t speak we helped out by saying each sound as it appeared on the magic star. We were fabulous and all put a ‘happy ball’ in the box. Here we are practising our ‘hhhh’ huffing sound as we hop around!

We enjoyed learning the National Anthem in our Music lesson and also a song all about the things that the Queen likes, including corgis, horses and her lovely family. We saw that her face is everywhere: on stamps, coins and flags. We are so looking forward to the celebrations tomorrow.

Happy Jubilee your Majesty! We had a ‘Crown Walk’ today instead of a Welly Walk, finding 70 pictures of her Majesty. We did a great job racing around and finding them and then counted to 70. Well done Nursery. We then listened to a funny story called ‘The Queen’s Knickers’. Apparently the Queen has knickers for every occasions, including some with Corgis on! We loved the funny story and afterwards drew some fancy knickers. Afterwards we had a rather posh tea party snack. Thank you for all the lovely cakes, they were yummy.

We hope that you enjoy your Jubilee celebrations and your half-term holiday! xxx




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